8-Sep-2008 (Mon) Wherein the beach-head is secured.

We did it! Last night was our first all ages show. Photos are up of Rebelution and Iration. Everything went according to plan, and it was a great turnout, especially for a Sunday. Roughly 30% of the crowd was under 21.

That means that if this had been a 21+ show, we would have gotten half of the audience or less. You don't just lose the people who are under 21, you also lose their over-21 friends, since college kids travel in packs.

The most notable difference, though, was how enthusiastic the crowd was. You just don't see the same level of energy at 21+ shows. These people were glad to be seeing the show instead of just standing around looking jaded. It was great to see that here!

I've also never had so many people stop me and ask me to take their pictures while I was shooting the bands. That almost never happens, and it happened a lot last night.

I had been hoping to get a picture of our first-ever under-21 customers, and give them DNA t-shirts or something, but the line was long and things were pretty chaotic, so that didn't happen. Oh well.

The count so far:

    21+ events since 2001:  1,346.
    21+ events since 1985:  4,200 or so?
    all ages events, ever:  1.

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  1. phreddiva says:


  2. pfrank says:

    awesome. sounds like it all went very well. Congrats!

  3. sparklydevil says:


    gotta love the enthusiasm the youngins bring. it's so refreshing.

  4. 0ntological says:

    Last night was one of the best nights I've had there, ever.

    I'm so proud of you for sticking it out and making this happen, and of all our managers. We are gonna rock this all ages thing!

  5. Cute lil' kiddies with wristbands! HOORAY!!!!!!

  6. fantasygoat says:

    Congratulations Jamie. You earned it.

  7. fo0bar says:

    I know you're excited, but this has been nagging at me for awhile... Isn't this the same upstanding prime demographic who will tag your bathroom mirrors and throw various sign-related things with their hands?

  8. aris1234 says:

    Are under 21's profitable for the club seeing as how you cannot sell them liquor - or does the door charge cover the profits for the evening?

    Are you still able to sell liquor to the over 21+ crowd on an all ages event?

    • I imagine they can still buy food from the kitchen, too.

    • lanikei says:

      i can't say for sure, but i think all ages shows are also an investment in the future. not only do the underaged bring in their 21+ friends, but they also come back when they CAN drink and spend money. not to mention the fact that a packed show makes the venue more appealing for both audience members and bands.

      i live in balt/DC and it doesn't have much for under-21 anymore, and i think it has had a HUGE impact on our goth scene. if you can't see your favorite bands live and can't enjoy the music or the clubs, you don't feel like part of the community. subcultures can really suffer from a lack of new blood.

  9. whittles says:

    So Very Awesome.
    I'm excited for you guys and for the bands that will come through.

  10. all the work played off. I was glad that it went so smooth.

  11. mysterc says:

    Pure pimp.

  12. redshrike says:

    congratulations and thank you.

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