Ladies and Gentlemen, customers of ALL AGES,

IN THE MATTER OF THE PETITION FOR SAID LICENSE Under the Alcoholic Beverage Control Act. [...] the Department having approved issuing of the license; the license is issued immediately. CERTIFICATE. It is hereby certified that on August 14, 2008, the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control adopted the foregoing as its order in the proceeding therein described.

We just got the certified letter today, so now it's real. How about that!

Our first all ages show is now on sale: Sun, Sep 7: Rebelution.

Here are the answers to the flood of questions that has already begun:

  • No, this does not mean that all of our events will be all ages. In general, live shows will be all ages, and dance nights will be 21+. There may be exceptions, but they will be just that, exceptions.

  • Yes, we have the permit now, and would legally be allowed to admit people under 21 today. But we're not going to do that before Sep 7 for a number of reasons, most importantly, that half our staff is about to leave for Burning Man and we need to have some meetings and do some training first to make this happen right.

  • No, we're not going to make an exception for your friend who's turning 21 in a week. Until further notice, DNA Lounge is still 21+. Be patient. It won't be long now.

32 Responses:

  1. unwoman says:

    Holy shit, congrats!

  2. bdu says:

    Whoa, never thought I'd see the day!

  3. intoner says:


  4. phreddiva says:

    Holy ass! Congratulations!

  5. mysterc says:

    congrats and good luck!

  6. mc_kingfish says:

    _Finally_ I can go to the DNA!!

  7. lalalydia says:

    YAAAAAAAY! Congrats!

  8. j_b says:


  9. congratulations! It's really real.

  10. ammonoid says:

    Congrats! Of course now that I no longer live in the bay area...

  11. djinnaya says:


    Congrats on the good result of your extremely long and tedious hard work.

  12. g_na says:

    Sweet. Congratulations!

  13. hallerlake says:

    Sign of the Apocalypse, right there.

  14. artkiver says:

    Fucking awesome!

    For some reason I thought the license change meant 18+ not all ages possibilities. So this means the Babyland show (and I guess other live shows) will be all ages potentially? Rad!

  15. netik says:

    Congrats! I hope this is finally over!

  16. congrats for real this time!!...i hope.

  17. funjon says:

    fucking sweet. congrats.

  18. jspence says:

    It just goes to show that sometimes, you can fight city hall after all.


  19. morrisa says:

    Cool! I'll have to bring my nieces and nephews when they're in town. Their mothers will kill me over and over, but hey, I'll endure anything for the children.

  20. down8 says:

    Glad to see persistence paying off vs. the gov't.


  21. pozorvlak says:

    100% Made Of Win.

  22. harryh says:

    Congratulations! I really thought it would never happen. Kudos to you for keeping up the fight.

  23. operatic says:

    Hey, congrats, y'all! :)

  24. fantasygoat says:

    Insanely great.

    I am curious how much this whole process cost though.

  25. cattycritic says:

    Persistence is not futile.

  26. netsharc says:


    I've actually been reading the updates since before the club opened, wow, what was that, 7, 8 years ago?

  27. urajah says:

    Congrats! Way to go!

    The California ABC site lists an expiration date of 1/2009. Is this license going to be difficult to renew or is it essentially an automatic process as long as there are no complaints?

  28. artistbyday says:

    I've been reading your blog for a few years; They didn't make it easy did they? I admire your persistence, congratulations.

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