14-Aug-2008 (Thu) Wherein there are Two SoMas... and they have a plan.

There are entirely too many lawyers in my life. When you have this exchange: "Did you talk to the lawyer today?" "Which one?" Well, that's a good indication that your life has taken a wrong turn.

(And no, we don't have the damned permit yet. I keep hitting reload on the ABC site waiting for that "48" to turn into a "47" and no matter how many times I click, it keeps not changing.)

I've finally gotten around to reading (ok, skimming) the Eastern SoMa and Western SoMa Redevelopment Plans (big PDFs: East, West.) Mostly it sounds pretty reasonable. Lots of high-minded Civic Planning with a capital P. It all seems very pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly, which I think is great. If this goes through, it sounds like we'll be getting wider sidewalks in front of DNA Lounge, which would be awesome. It's not clear to me if this means that all the street parking on 11th St. would disappear, though. I've got mixed feelings about that. The plan also includes better transit service down Folsom and 11th.

I think it's funny that both documents, when they wanted a photo to illustrate the concept of "mixed use neighborhood", both used a photo taken directly in front of DNA Lounge, of the condos and tire shop, even though they painted over that awesome tire in 2006.

Come to Hubba Hubba's Creepshow Peepshow tomorrow!

2 Responses:

  1. mc_kingfish says:

    Woo Hoo! Shout out!

    And yes, I miss that big tire, too!

  2. strspn says:

    Oh go ahead, gentrify SoMa some more no matter how many SUVs get defaced. The burbs need partially-skilled labor more than you need the thriving crack economy. You do not need to be constantly being evicted to be able to create effective social justice art, but it helps.

    I plan to synergize with your business model by opening studio space for musicians in the Tenderloin called Endoplasmic Reticula, if I ever strike it rich.