I can't think of any good stories to relate, but there have been some photos! Including Hubba Hubba Revue; Pop Roxx; Hex RX; Thrill Kill Kult; and Bohemian Carnival, which was fantastic. I've really missed those guys.

Oh, I forgot to mention: we have some posters left over from the Thrill Kill Kult show, so those are now on sale in the store.

(Designed by R. Black, as usual. Did you get his book?)

One! You should come see Jill Tracy tonight. She's fantastic. There are quite a few performers, and it starts early.

Two! If you missed Bohemian Carnival last week, you have another chance tomorrow (Thu) night at the Sagrada Shakedown. Technically it's a fundraiser for the temple at Burning Man, but the Vau de Vire folks are putting it on. (There's an expensive "VIP" portion of it from 7pm-10pm, including food and open bar, but saner pricing begins at 10pm.)

Three! it's that time of year again, where you vote in the SFBG Best of the Bay poll for DNA Lounge, Pop Roxx, Bootie, Hubba Hubba Revue, New Wave City, Meat, etc.

25-Jun-2008 (Wed)
Wherein the gallery expands.

It's been a busy couple of weeks! And yes, in answer to your query, there are photos: