10-Jan-2008 (Thu) Wherein we finger the zeitgeist.

Here are some searches that brought people to this web site last month.

  • "dna laung"
  • "D & A launge in san francisco"
  • "danda lounges, san francisco"
  • "top nightclub in usa"
  • "old people niteclub california"
  • "craziest bar in san francisco"
  • "ass gasket"
  • "wash my hands too often"

Just doing research, I'm sure:

  • "two way mirror urinal"
  • "necrophilia"
  • "masturbation and police application"
  • "Vaginal flagellation"
  • "the papi cock"
  • "pimp shirts"
  • "Can police enter a restaurant without consent"


  • "what is the desktop code through terminal on linux"
  • "why do trackspots get hot"
  • "where chocolate syrup comes from"
  • "what u do when working backstage"
  • "What is the DNA code of a snake"
  • "I have my dna sequence now what"
  • "how much do you get paid by working in DNA"

Finally, I especially enjoy this increasingly shrill sequence of hits (which I assume took place just after two):

  • "NYC last call alcohol"
  • "reason bars close at 2am in california"
  • "what time is california last call alcohol"
  • "what time is last call for alcohol in california?"

I hope you all found what you were looking for.

11 Responses:

  1. Keep your fingers off my zeitgeist.

  2. mc_kingfish says:

    I never miss a night at the dna launj

  3. nightrider says:

    shit-finger the zeitgeist? wha?

  4. duskwuff says:

    where chocolate syrup comes from

    "Mommy, where does chocolate syrup come from?"

  5. The one that is worrying me is 'masturbation and police application'. Is that a bit of software? Or does he worry that his masturbating (public / private / caught on CCTV camea) will affect his police application?
    Now, if there is a bit of software that can reliably detect people wanking on camera then I, for one, think we should be told. Or maybe he was checking that no-one had written one yet, I will go and check SourceForge to see if the grandiose ambitions, job titles etc. and the main(argc,arv) have been put there yet.

  6. "dna laung" sounds like you're appealing to Yinzers: ("Let's go dahn sauthamarket fer some innustrial music n'at.")

    You sure you're not secretly morphing into a Steelers bar?