Here are some searches that brought people to this web site last month.

  • "dna laung"
  • "D & A launge in san francisco"
  • "danda lounges, san francisco"
  • "top nightclub in usa"
  • "old people niteclub california"
  • "craziest bar in san francisco"
  • "ass gasket"
  • "wash my hands too often"

Just doing research, I'm sure:

  • "two way mirror urinal"
  • "necrophilia"
  • "masturbation and police application"
  • "Vaginal flagellation"
  • "the papi cock"
  • "pimp shirts"
  • "Can police enter a restaurant without consent"


  • "what is the desktop code through terminal on linux"
  • "why do trackspots get hot"
  • "where chocolate syrup comes from"
  • "what u do when working backstage"
  • "What is the DNA code of a snake"
  • "I have my dna sequence now what"
  • "how much do you get paid by working in DNA"

Finally, I especially enjoy this increasingly shrill sequence of hits (which I assume took place just after two):

  • "NYC last call alcohol"
  • "reason bars close at 2am in california"
  • "what time is california last call alcohol"
  • "what time is last call for alcohol in california?"

I hope you all found what you were looking for.

Photos are up of last night's Information Society + Tell Tale Heartbreakers + Spellbound show.

And also of the Christmas Meat, and the Bootie Pirate New Year.

Photos are up of Hubba Hubba Revue's Creepshow Peepshow.

This week's Guardian has an article up about the harassment Slim's has been subjected to recently.

To the surprise of absolutely no one, this same person is the only neighbor on record as opposing our application to convert our liquor license so that we can do under-21 shows.

Slim's slimed: A lone spoiler may bring down the venerable concert spot.

One of Slim's neighbors tipped me off last month that the hall -- which has consistently passed all sound tests conducted by the city's Entertainment Commission -- was being besieged weekly by a lone complainer living in Juniper Alley. All of this came to a head in December 2007 when the accuser ordered citizen's arrests of two of Slim's night managers on three occasions -- after, Entertainment Commission industry representative Terrance Alan says, police refused to issue noise-violation citations of their own because they couldn't hear any violating sound issuing from Slim's. The arrests have led the Department of Alcohol Beverage Control to bring an enforcement action against Slim's liquor license, which may close the club for 15 to 25 days after an April hearing.

"She has been threatening to do this for a while," Slim's co-owner Dawn Holliday told me. The complaining neighbor and her partner have been registering noise complaints for the past two years, Holliday added, though no other neighbors have complained, and in 2000 all of the area's condo and live-work residents signed a deed restriction making it clear that the district is a mixed-use neighborhood subject to noise, odors, and other industrial activities 24-7. Nonetheless, Holliday continued, "she calls the police on average four nights a week. The Entertainment Commission has gone into their house and done readings in the house, done readings out in front of house, and we do readings in front of their house every night with a decibel meter on the most sensitive reading you can get, and we are always compliant. It didn't satisfy them."