Yes, it's the weekend, that means it's time for jwz mixtape 004. And also mixtape 003, which came out last week but which I didn't explicitly mention here because I figured you'd have detected the pattern by now. By the way, if you are so moved, get yourself a LiveJournal account so you can fill out my "how's my driving" poll in re: the mixtapes thus far.

Also: Halloween photos.

Also: Almost a year ago, I totally re-vamped how our kiosks function. I've finally gotten around to updating the web page explaining it. I figure at least four of you will care.

Also: srsly, do any of you know where I can find some cheap-yet-adequate replacement trackballs for the kiosks? I've asked this before, but the situation is becoming more desperate. By "cheap" I mean "around $30." By "adequate" I mean "a drunk monkey can't remove the ball from the top without using tools." (And no, I'm not interested in un-cased arcade-cabinet trackballs, because I don't want to have to do a bunch of fabrication to install them, and also, they're not cheap.)

Someone had the cast-iron balls* to email our lost-and-found address asking if we'd found their flask.

Tomorrow: the Hubba Hubba Revue Telethon! Saturday: some bands: Maldroid, Astral and The Frail.

* Technically, stainless steel.

Photos are up of the Hubba Hubba Revue Telethon and Scorpio Cabaret. And also, jwz mixtape 005 went up a few days ago.

Don't forget your Thanksgiving Meat. Stay away from the smallpox blankets.

Two things:

  1. Our ISP cracked open their brand new shipment of FAIL yesterday, so if you sent mail to any email address between 3AM and 8PM on Wed Nov 21, it bounced. We're not ignoring you, we didn't receive it. If it mattered, please resend...

  2. Today, Nov 22, is DNA Lounge's 22nd anniversary! It first opened under this name in 1985.

Photos are up of Ultraviolet at Pop Roxx. They were great, go buy their CD!

There are also new photos from some recent Booties and Remedies that I happened upon recently.

We're doing something new: we're actually mailing out hard tickets for Bootie New Year's Eve, instead of doing will-call only. People enjoy having physical tickets, right? I hope so, because it meant I had to hack PHP to make our store able to do this at all. And PHP really sucks, man.

Also, jwz mixtape 006 went up a few days ago.