25-Jul-2007 (Wed) Wherein retail does drag.

This monday we had a corporate party for Restoration Hardware: employees from all over the country were present, and every single person was in costume! The various cities each did a lip-synch routine where they acted out 80s videos. They put a lot of work into it! Choreography and everything.

Now that company knows how to party: I have never worked for a company who threw a party that good. (Except DNA Lounge, of course, but that doesn't count as we are Party Professionals.)

This guy dressed as Billy Idol is apparently their CEO!

7 Responses:

  1. violentbloom says:

    restoration hardware has a qa opening, though it's over the bridge. :(

  2. pberry says:

    No way they had a whole group of people come as DEVO. I though RH was just a bunch of stiffs!

  3. ladykalessia says:

    I was *wondering* why none of the zombies was Jess or Meeks. HA.

  4. mc_kingfish says:

    Why, who's that dashing MC with the long, gorgeous, untamed hair?