7-Jul-2007 (Sat) Wherein photos are hubbaed.

Photos are up of the extremely patriotic Hubba Hubba Revue. Which, incidentally, will be going monthly starting in August! Stay tuned for details.

14-Jul-2007 (Sat) Wherein we go "woo."

Today (well, yesterday) was our sixth anniversary of our re-opening. So, happy anniversary to us, and stuff. It was Friday the Thirteenth today, and it was Friday the Thirteenth when we opened. (Shouldn't those be 7 years apart, not 6? I guess leap years confuse everything.)

Total events:   1137
Total live shows:   283
Total bands:   414
Total djs:   1497
Events per month:   15.4
Live shows per month:   3.8
Events per week:   3.6
Live shows per week:   0.9

We had a very positive meeting with the Police Captain today with respect to our permitting changes. Not to jinx it, but things appear to be moving, slowly, in a good direction.

25-Jul-2007 (Wed) Wherein retail does drag.

This monday we had a corporate party for Restoration Hardware: employees from all over the country were present, and every single person was in costume! The various cities each did a lip-synch routine where they acted out 80s videos. They put a lot of work into it! Choreography and everything.

Now that company knows how to party: I have never worked for a company who threw a party that good. (Except DNA Lounge, of course, but that doesn't count as we are Party Professionals.)

This guy dressed as Billy Idol is apparently their CEO!

Photos are up of The Airborne Toxic Event at this weekend's Pop Roxx -- they were really good! Also photos of last week's Meat (featuring, oh boy, another bait-and-tackle show.)