18-May-2007 (Fri) Wherein you get to see our dinner menu!

The artwork for our dinner menu is finished -- check it out.

Also, I've re-arranged the navigation menu on the web site, and consolidated the (formerly) two pages for the audio and video webcasts into a single page. Let me know if I've broken anything...

You should come see The Phenomenauts at Bohemian Carnival this Saturday. They're a lot of fun.

10 Responses:

  1. bifrosty2k says:

    damn, that menu looks delicious.
    Just wait till the wankers (aka Vegans) complain!

    • artkiver says:

      As a wanker, aka vegan, I resemble that comment!

      (insert longwinded tyraid about how shitty the DNA menu is for not having vegan options, and bitching about ATM surcharge fees and spensive drinks and and and... great music, staff, events and attendees?)

  2. GOOD FOOD, I will attest to!

  3. g_na says:

    That's a nice menu; better than most bar food. And thanks for having so many veggie selections.

  4. xrayspx says:

    Hopefully 6 months of kitchen receipts will help with the licensing board thing. Menus, looks like food to me!

  5. icis_machine says:

    looks good, but the phrase "homemade nacho cheese sauce" makes me think you guys did something special to it.

    • jkonrath says:

      "homemade nacho cheese sauce" = "we didn't just go to Costco and buy the five-gallon bucket of nacho cheese, like every other bar out there does"

      I was surprised by the low prices. I think the only place you can eat that cheap in NYC is from a cart.

  6. biggeek says:

    That menu makes me want to re-install and play "Grim Fandango"

  7. defenestr8r says:

    i have to admit i am shocked at how many variations of tacos and burritos she is producing out of that little closet.

    not that size matters (well, in this instance anyway), there is a little taco hut here that has won a james beard award. and rightfully so.

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