10-Apr-2007 (Tue) Wherein I break the web site.

I made some changes to this web site; more use of CSS, less use of tables, and I reduced the default font size. Let me know if anything looks weird.

Also, the calendar now has longer text descriptions of some events, instead of just the genre and performer names. The plan is for all of the events to have this, eventually. This makes the page even wider, which bugs me, but I've yet to come up with a good-looking solution to that problem.

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  1. netik says:

    The end of Times new Roman on the DNA Site? whoa.

    It's almost like it's 2001 or something. ;)

  2. edlang says:

    On a 1024x768px screen, maxmimised Firefox, default WinXP font, only half of the third paragraph fits on the screen. I need to scroll horizontally to view the rest.

    Hopefully it'll look better on my Ubuntu-running, same-sized laptop screen at home but I doubt it.

  3. lnghnds says:


  4. positricity says:

    Put the serifs back. On pain of Greasemonkey.

  5. joeradio says:

    I'm not sure if this was happening before your site update, and I doubt it's even worth investigating, but when you navigate to the Calendar page using a named anchor (e.g., "04.html#11"), the anchor is repeated several times in the browser's title bar (and the page's name in the Favorites list if you try to bookmark it). Of course this only happens with Internet Explorer (6 and 7). On Firefox (Windows) it looks OK.

    Here is one example:
    DNA Lounge Calendar April 2007#11#11#11#11#11#11#11

  6. omni_ferret says:

    You're listening to the SXSW band sampler, aren't you? I'm currently going over the sampler from 2006.

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