4-Apr-2007 (Wed) Wherein we find both webcast fuckery and unfuckery.

The webcast archives were down for a few days. You know what's a phone call that you don't want to receive? "Hey, remember your server? I finally got around to trying to see why it's been randomly rebooting twice a week for three months, and the power supply blew up. And uh. Took your drive with it." And then that's when you realize you haven't done a backup in a month. Good times.

That's not why the webcast of Saturday's Bassnectar show isn't there, though: that's because they refused to be webcast. Usually we just don't book events with people who are stupid about such things, but hey, we're fuckin' broke, and I just don't care any more. The webcast is a constant source of grief to me on so many levels, I just don't have the fight in me any more. If you don't want the free promotion, fine. If you don't want us to expose your music to more people than are already in your little clique, fine. I'll take your money anyway.

On the few occasions in the past where we've followed the money and subverted our principles for some prima donna DJ, we've just switched the webcast to whoever is DJing from the upstairs lounge that night, so that we would at least have a webcast that had something to do with the event in question, even if it was only their B-listers. But this time, apparently all they had going on in the lounge was... a puppet show.

5 Responses:

  1. kfringe says:

    You know what you need? You need a "My Little Sysadmin."

  2. wfaulk says:

    Puppet Show



    "If I told him once, I told him 100 times to put 'Bassnectar' first and 'Puppet Show' last."

  3. defenestr8r says:

    i take it this was not a spores-style puppet show?