30-Mar-2007 (Fri) Wherein are to be found both photos and whining.

A bunch of new photo galleries are up: New Wave City, Scarlett Fever, Information Society, Bohemian Carnival, Bawdy Island, and Monsters Are Waiting (who were great, by the way.)

I've written a thousand words in three different entries in the last few weeks which are represented here by the following:   REDACTED  

As you know, I'm not really a fan of the self-censorship, but the fight is draining out of me. This place is beating me down. Lately I find myself weighing "how much does it piss me off to feel like I can't talk about this" against "how much useless bullshit will I have to put up with if I do talk about this" and come up with "fuck it". It's the algebra of defeat, and results in you getting to read fascinating stories like, "wow, more photos."

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  1. tjcrowley says:

    I bet you can't count the number of people vain enough to think this update was about them too.

  2. artkiver says:

    Hrm, I'm missing something with all this redacted business.

    I think you need to take a leaf from the censorship department during occupied Japan after WWII - the first policy of the censorship department is to censor any discussion of the existence of the censorship department. (John Dower's Embracing Defeat is a great read with an excellent account of such things as well).

    Shop as usual, and avoid panic buying.

  3. positricity says:

    The first rule of self-censorship is that you don't talk about self-censorship.

    (It tortures the people who didn't read the stuff you redacted, and can't find it in a search engine cache.)

  4. mackys says:

    Keep those redacted passages around. Someday, hopefully not too far in the future, perhaps they can be shown the light of day again...

  5. fantasygoat says:

    Dammit! Denied your ranting!

  6. You were right--your pictures really do make [redacted] look good!!

    Also, that looks like a new routine by Twilight Vixen. Sad that I missed THAT.

  7. defenestr8r says:

    is it really possible that you didn't take any non-band pictures at the show?

  8. jwz says:

    Someone made an illustration of The Algebra of Defeat:

  9. All the crap you were going through to get and keep the club going were the most interesting parts.

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