30-Jan-2007 (Tue) Wherein are found Prids and sinks.

Photos are up of The Prids at Pop Roxx, and of the last Meat. The Prids were awesome (like I told you they would be) and it was a really good turnout!

In plumbing news, this has been a banner weekend, in that it is the first time in, I think, three years that all the faucets in all the bathrooms are working at the same time. Go us.

The sinks in the women's room have handles now. This seems like an admission of defeat because, well, it is. Those motion sensors seemed like such a cool space-age idea. And they seemed like they'd be reliable since they have no exposed moving parts, and they are used in every airport in the world. But they just suck. Look for the rest to vanish in favor of the lowtech as they fail in the future.

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  1. ammutbite says:

    Thank you for avoiding the Stonehengery...the Cruxshadows joke has worn really thin, and the constant appearances of the band around the country make it difficult to skip all of them, especially since promoters will often enough put them on the bill with bands that might actually be interesting to see...

  2. travisd says:

    Half the time I go to use the stupid automatic faucents in an Airport, they don't work there either. This falls into the category of "seemed like a good idea, and architects love them" but in reality, Just Doesn't Work.

  3. The newly refurbished French TGVs sport motion sensor taps. And they don't work either. I wrote them a letter asking them to please go back to the foot peddle.

  4. The sinks in the women's room have handles now


    Because I really do so love washing my hands.

    Additionally, I will NEVER stop loving my expression in this one, so thanks to JNA for that...

    Extra-special additionally, the Prids were AWESOME.
    Dear everybody, go see them when and wherever you can!

  5. defenestr8r says:

    mike stands aside you did get some shots that show how ROCKIN' the prids are.

    and after all these years of avoiding being on the dna site, i am now there looking sweatier than ever! i'm hoping it makes pop roxx look fun rather than making me look worn out.

    oh, and nice music selection. ;)

    and lastly, the keith haring thing makes me want to cry. or punch people.