25-Jan-2007 (Thu) Wherein I just let the Sudafed do the babbling for me.

Photos are up of last weekend's Bohemian Carnival. Which, as a party, is shaping up... I was pretty concerned about them in the beginning, but they've gotten a lot better about the pacing of the acts and keeping the flow of the event moving, and now they wrap up the more space-consuming acts by around midnight to give people room to dance. They've also been getting a much better turnout. Good for them... (Even though they are dirty, dirty clowns.)

So, I've got a cold, and came home to pass out on the couch instead of staying for tonight's show. I rarely watch our webcasts, since I'm always at the club for the shows I want to see, but tonight I watched Drop Black Sky's performance on the webcast (in a maximized RealVideo window fed to my video projector) and I gotta tell you, we are so not living in the future yet. Pixels the size of my thumb! More MPEG noise than signal! This does not feel like the Twenty First Century. This barely feels like 1998.

    "I am Jack's exorbitant bandwidth bill. Without me, he might be in the black."

The sound quality isn't bad, though.

Drop Black Sky are really good, by the way. Go buy their album. They're also tied for third place for number of times a band has played here. The current standings are: Smash-Up Derby at #1 with 15×; and Gooferman at #2 with 6× (but both of them play every month at their respective clubs, so that's kind of cheating!) Tied for #3 at 5× each, are Drop Black Sky, Halou, Nina Hagen, and The Servants.

I also missed the Crüüüüxshadows show last weekend (thus no photos), but I think I know how that story goes. Maybe you should go read my previous Stonehenge-themed entries about them, from back when I posted here more often, and was funnier.


I strongly advise you to come to Pop Roxx this Saturday, as The Prids are playing, and they were my favorite band of 2006. They're also great live. Seriously, be there.

There will be no Stonehengery.

2 Responses:

  1. lilmissnever says:

    Can't. Go. See. Band.

    Have. Death. Cough.

    Have. Been. Informed. By. Doctors. That. Death. Cough. Lasts. TWO FUCKING WEEKS.

  2. Wait, I thought you *were* gonna make That Stonhenge Show?

    Get better: there is band goodness to see. STAT.

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