11-Jan-2007 (Thu) Wherein we bring the zany.

Photos are up of our first event of the new year, Hubba Hubba Revue II:Lee Presson and the Nails. It was, what's the word? Zany.

Oh, hey, check this out: acrofish posted some photos of New Model Army performing at DNA Lounge 14 years ago, in 1993!

Some kiosk changes are afoot: we moved things around a bit so that there are two kiosks downstairs by the front door. I've wanted to do that for a long time, since there are many nights when only the downstairs is open, and there was only the one terminal in that room. We took that double enclosure from the balcony by the kitchen, so right now the other two kiosks are by coat check, and in the lounge.

We used to have six kiosks, but now we only have four, because two of the LCD monitors have finally died...

6 Responses:

  1. defenestr8r says:

    7am? jesus, man. get some sleep.

    those NMA photos are hysterical! they were so young and skinny!

  2. mc_kingfish says:

    We got the zany, Brother... Oh Does We.

  3. chromebishop says:

    I was at that show. I didnt know him at the time, but we stood right next to DK during most of the show. This was memorable cause the same thing happen the next night at Berkeley Square.

  4. baconmonkey says:

    I was never at DNA before it's current incarnation.
    I am confused, and perhaps a little scared by the balcony in this pic.

    is it erally just an outcropping of metal with no railings?

    • jwz says:

      It was a rickety piece of plywood, and that meshy thing you see was a net to catch dropped cups, horizontal at balcony-floor-level.

  5. httf says:

    Does that mean all the remaining kiosks are working? That would be nice.

    I mean, you know. No big deal. Cause I go to the DNA to um, talk to... people. And occasionally to see partially nude women.