22-Nov-2006 (Wed) Wherein I try to get you to come see Halou.

We've got what should be a pretty interesting show coming up next Thursday, Nov 30: they're calling it "Reload", and their goal is to play with new ways of presenting and sharing live music online. There are three bands:

  • Halou (who are awesome)
  • Zoë Keating (formerly of Rasputina, who is/are awesome)
  • Pants Pants Pants (whom I haven't heard)

Besides that, there are a couple of interesting twists:

  • DNA Prototype will be at DNA Lounge while doing a live DJ set inside Second Life;
  • and after the event, the video and multi-track audio of the bands will be available for download and remixing.

There's also a San Francisco Podcasters Meetup just before the show.

There are a few more details at Rebecca's myspace and Upcoming.org. Promotions seem to be off to a very late start on this show, and it's next week, so please spread the word...

6 Responses:

  1. usufructer says:

    $10 says there's trouble with normally reliable electronics that night.

  2. darkengobot says:

    Man, I love Halou. I'm looking forward to the tracks being made available. Second Life, however, makes my feet itch.

  3. strspn says:

    Awesome. Thanks!

  4. lnghnds says:

    Wow, this show's starting pretty early. Any idea when Halou is going on?