Photos are up of Bohemian Carnival (our new monthly circus party), Terrorfakt + Tonikom, and Triple Cobra at Pop Roxx. I only got pictures of the first half of the night at Bohemian Carnival, so if you have more, please send them...

A late addition to the calendar that you shouldn't miss is Flux Capacitor this Thursday: it's a fundraiser for Capactitor, an awesome acrobatic dance troupe who last performed here back in 2002.

I've been working on our kiosks lately; I think they should be a lot less crashy now. I had been running them as independent workstations that just happened to be diskless and boot remotely, but they tended to crash a lot, for no reason I had any luck determining, and any time I update any of the software, they get slower and slower, since here in the Twenty-First Century it appears to be considered right and sensible that a web browser should cause a machine with half a gig of ram to swap. So, screw it, I switched them over to the "thin client" approach of LTSP, where the kiosks are just X terminals, and all the apps run remotely on the central server. (Hello, 1993!) It seems to be working much better so far.

They're still running Red Hat 9, though, because my experiences trying to get anything to function sensibly on either Fedora 5 or on Ubuntu were... I think mind-blowingly intolerable is the phrase I'm searching for. (Please don't hax0r me, I'll just have to restore from backups and that'll make me sad.)

Photos are up of the (awesome) Capacitor, and of New Wave City.

We've also added four new genre-specific mailing lists, in addition to the weekly calendar mailing. Mailings to the new lists will be less frequent, but will give you earlier notice of upcoming events, and access to advance ticket sales before the general public finds out... Go ahead and join, you know you want to.

Photos are up of the Covenant + Imperative Reaction + Rotersand show.

They brought a truly gargantuan set of lights with them: they hung a truss on the back wall of the stage, and hooked their lighting controller into our lights plus theirs. It looked fantastic! (Doubling the number of intelligent lights in the room will do that...)

That made it pretty hard to photograph, though: the show was heavily backlit, and their lighting guy was, like all lighting guys, obsessed with using solid reds. As you know if you've ever taken a picture in a nightclub, solid red light usually means "don't even bother trying to take a picture". Cameras, especially digital cameras, have very little dynamic range in red. Neither does the human eye, but cameras are a lot worse. I think I got some decent shots, though.

We finally passed our last inspection for the kitchen! That means that we're technically allowed to serve food from it. Just as soon as we have the money to buy some stuff like a microwave, a hotplate, and... food. Which we don't. Stay tuned.

Some photos are up of the Pop Roxx pre-Halloween nuttiness. We will be seeing you on Tuesday, yes?

Incidentally: Sexy Nurse Having Trouble Finding Halloween Costume.