11-Sep-2006 (Mon) Wherein there's some kind of icky fairy tale thing going on.

Photos are up of the Genitorturers + Mortiis + Push show, and of Bootie.

Overheard in the men's room:

    "I got dragged up on stage at the last Genitorturers show!"
    "Did she pee on you?"
    "No, they strapped a dildo to my head..."
    "Dude, they usually only do that to chicks!"

6 Responses:

  1. dasht_brk says:

    So, does DNA Lounge actually have any policy about bands peeing on audience members? Is there something in the contract?


    • jwz says:

      Does your company have a urination policy? Have you checked lately?

    • bifrosty2k says:

      I think a "Pee Rider" is in order.

      • dasht_brk says:

        Perhaps it is time to take this before the supervisors? There should be some kind of permitting process involving, at least, the police dept. and 4 city agencies. "City Pee Inspector, full benefits, $40K-$80K/year depending on experience, civil service exam and background check required." If we really get on this quickly, perhaps it could be funded from the homeland security grants? On the business side, the contract negotiations are likely to be complicated by IPee considerations. If you thought unauthorized tapers were a problem, what will you think of unauthorized bottlers? On the grey-market side: just imagine the eBay possibilities...

        Ok, I'm done now.

  2. pvck says:

    Random feedback on the DNA Radio stream:

    First off, Thanks. It's an awesome selection.

    Secondly, it seems to act different from any other streaming station I listen to, in that once it locks on, it's quick and utterly solid up to the point at which it dies, which it does violently (by which I mean I barely get 5 seconds of rebuffer attempts before Foobar gives up, as opposed to, say, any of the SomaFM stations which will sometimes attempt to rebuffer for up to a minute).

    Don't know if this is meaningful to you at all, but figured it couldn't hurt.

  3. 205guy says:

    I can't define good photography, but I know it when I see it. Concert/performance photos might be a subgenre, but yours is the best I've seen, probably because you have such good stage-performing musicians. This one is an especially good uh...shot: