19-Aug-2006 (Sat) Wherein is found both drag and Scientology.

There are a bunch of new photo galleries up:

My favorite skit at the Drag Kings contest was definitely "L. Ron Hubby", because, while it wasn't particularly draggy, you just can't go wrong when making fun of Scientology, and when your Xenu Dancer has Elmo-heads for boobs... well that just takes it to the next level (OT III, I think). The other acts were pretty entertaining too; I thought it was better than last year.

One Response:

  1. Oh my god, that was SUCH a good show.
    Glad you documented so much of it!
    I can't even tell you what my favorite part was...so much hotness...

    But the SUPER-hot boy-girl in Slick Bois that I kept drooling over?
    Can't point out to you which one she was, because she's cut off in the group picture! Sad.

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