4-Aug-2006 (Fri) Wherein we find clowns. Filthy, filthy clowns.

Someone walked off with one of our webcast cameras: the one on the monopod in the DJ booth. This is a drag, because that was the only camera we could manually aim at things (the others are fixed shots), and we're still fuckin' broke, so we won't be replacing it. It was probably taken by accident: we suspect someone packed it up by mistake after one of the recent events, possibly Bootie. If you were one of the helper-monkeys recently, please look around and see if you have it... It's the one that says "DNA Lounge" on the side.

Photos are up of The Red Nose District Hullabaloo. That was one of the most fun events we've had in a long, long time! Acrobats and contortionists and stilt-walkers and clown bands who were actually pretty good bands. Plus, all night long I got to say, "who let that bozo in?"

Also new are some photos from the June and July Booties.

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    Looking at the July 22 post with the stats, you say 3.2 live events per month. Is that about normal out there? The one I go to most here has 15 events currently scheduled for September.

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