17-Jun-2006 (Sat) Wherein we have some bands but not customers.

Photos are up of Death of a Party & Bellmer Dolls at last night's Swindle. Both bands were really good! They both put on super-energetic shows.

I can't figure out why Swindle is so under-attended, since it's exactly the same party as Pop Roxx, and Pop Roxx has been doing OK. So, you know, if you like Pop Roxx, you should go to Swindle too.

We're still broke. We just can't fill the room any more. It sucks. Don't expect to see freshly-painted floors or working sinks any time soon. I'm told most clubs have been under-attended lately. I guess it's nice to know that it's not just us, but that doesn't help us pay the bills. Pukey Asian Night is our only event that has been doing well in the last six months or so. Remedy used to pack this place with bridge-and-tunnel yuppies: the music was terrible, but they spent money and didn't start fights. Where did they go? Are they all just staying home now?

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  1. defenestr8r says:

    i was at the first swindle, and while i personally had fun, it was not pop-roxx-scale fun. but i think that was mainly because it had the snotty indie crowd isolated in the VIP area upstairs and some sort of weird short bus crowd in the main room. it was as if the VIPs were more interested in being VIPs than in having fun or having room to dance and the downstairs people were left to feel... unimportant. it also lacked the diversity of the crowd that pop roxx manages to pull off.

    oh, and it's on fridays, which i think are doomed.

    as for the lack of crowds, CLEARLY that's because i left and took all the FUN with me. ;)

  2. fantasygoat says:

    Do you have the same infestation of hipsters and scenesters that we have here? The ones who wear Chucks, ironic t-shirts and white belts?

    They pack the bars up here and drink a lot. Perhaps some more indie rock?

    The goth clubs up here are all empty and have to resort to crappy fetish nights to pay the bills.

  3. Hmm, I was just thinking on Friday that Swindle was starting to pick UP!

    Sorry about the broke bit, though; that's distressing.

  4. icis_machine says:

    maybe everyone decided that in order to keep their popularity, they had to stay indoors and on myspace.

  5. dasht_brk says:

    You're wondering "Whither yonder yuppies?"

    Amateur speculation: gas prices, the first whiffs of inflation (how's that adjustable rate, doing?).... starting to feel it in the ol' disp. inc., perhaps? If that is the problem it's going be rough cause that stuff's going to get a lot worse before it gets any better.

    Ever thought about diversifying yr business model a bit? I still say you've got plays waiting to happen in the media space. (And you thought you'd escaped all this shit when you fled Mtn. View. Heh.)

    Triage: what's your typical door fee? How's parking? What are the options for cheap-ass alcohol preserving yr profit but giving a buzz at a lower price? In other words: yonder yuppies, under this whole inflation hypthosis, miss you too. So make it easier for them. Local watering hole here on the udder side of the bay does the usual tired ol' low-rent but high attendance tricks like poetry slams and battle of the bands and open mic nights..... It'd be interesting to hear a bit about your sense of brand identity beyond, y'know, black-green-and-cooler-than-thou. Tough location ya' got there, btw.

    Sorry to hear about the state of things. Regards,


    • bdu says:

      Ever thought about diversifying yr business model a bit

      You think JWZ has an inherent love of pukey asian nights?

      • dasht_brk says:

        You think JWZ has an inherent love of pukey asian nights?

        Huh? I thought all had an inerhent love of pukey asian nights. Did I miss something?


    • dasht_brk says:

      If you do decide to try some "low rent" style events -- it's time to talk about flyer/postering strategy. Yup, you might want to think about folks walking around taping nasty photocopies with nifty art on streetlights, etc. Just a thought....

      Seeding low-rent events with a few artists that have faithful followers wouldn't hurt.

      Blah. It's weird having learned to think in these basically quite right terms, if ya know what i mean.


      • hafnir says:

        Please stop talking like <lj user="jwz"> failed Promoter 101. This is embarrassing.

        • dasht_brk says:

          D'oh! Well, color me accidentally obnoxious, then.

          No, I'm not saying "jwz failed Promoter 101." Jeeze, as far as I (and apparently you) can tell -- he's got a hot property and does a basically good job. But he did publicly report on issues perplexing him.

          I was just kibbitzing. All in good fun. A little raw data tossed into the soup from which he'll do something typically clever. I get you to be saying that I'm stating the overwhelmingly bleeding obvious to the point of being silly. Damn. My bad, buddy.


          • hafnir says:

            Got up at 6:30AM to go do things I hate doing. May be moody. :)

            But I have no doubts they've already gone over most of what you suggested. Like you said, they do a good job.

  6. otterley says:

    Two words: fuel prices. Driving to the city just to listen to music and quaff a few beverages is not nearly as enticing a prospect as it once was when it now costs $50 to fill the gas tank. I bet NYC clubs are suffering from the same malaise now too.

    My condolences.

  7. whumpdotcom says:

    Every South Bay and Valley bar with a dish is showing matches. Why drive to the City when you can go around the corner and be a hooligan?

  8. codenazi says:

    Aww... sorry to hear about the lack-of-attendance problems. It's possible that Swindle is just too young still. I didn't go to the first one as it wasn't obvious what it was - only later did I realize it's basically PopRoxx V2.0, with the cool live bands and such. "Give it time" is crappy advice, though. sigh.

    It's too bad... I always avoided the FRI/SAT nights as it was always Pukey Asian Night or equiv, with the obligatory bad music. Pop Roxx was a nice refreshing change of pace, where it was a FRI/SAT night event that was actually fun. Of course, that probably means it's doomed right from the start, by definition.

    Swindle was fun... at least the part I remember... I think your bartenders are trying to kill me, though... O.O

    /runs off to try and scrub the vomit stains out of the back of my car.
    //vague memories of my friend driving and trying to yell back that I should roll-down a window instead...
    ///For some mystical reason that advice didn't parse at the time. I wonder why...

  9. spoonyfork says:

    Scanning my recordings... I seem to have been keen on Om and Remedy. If I lived in the area I'd probably be attending those nights.

  10. jkow says:

    Sorry to read about the problems you're having, I hope whenever I manage to come to SF there will be a chance to check out DNA Lounge, and I still hope that'll be this year :)

    Other than that, I am (again) impressed by your pictures and the next camera I'll buy will probably be a EOS 5D, unless you got serious experiences saying I shouldn't. Of course it's not all about the camera, I know ;), but shooting pictures at 1/125s in a club-light atmosphere is plainly awesome, I need that! :)

    So I hope you keep it up, serve more impressing pictures, and some day I'll have the opportunity to see it all live. :)

  11. ammonoid says:

    I liked Swindle, but then I did what I could to not see the bands. The first one pretty much made my ears bleed.

    Whats up with the band sound - do their sound guys pretty much take over and jack up the volume to ear bleedy levels, or what?