13-May-2006 (Sat) Wherein ~~~~~NO CARRIER

Photos are up of Wednesday's Mentallo and the Fixer / Deathline International / Reign of Roses show.

Tonight at Bootie, a couple of guys asked for their money back because they didn't appreciate the "theme", which they characterized as "alternative androgeny".

I guess they were hoping for more mainstream androgeny?

12 Responses:

  1. The alternate to androgeny would be... omnisexuality?

    • baconmonkey says:

      by complaining about "alternative androgeny", they clearly must have been looking for a club with a "Mainstream traditional-gender roles" theme. you know, a sports bar with watresses who are barefoot and pregnant.

      • solarbird says:

        Seriously. I translate their comments directly to "I thought that guy was hot and now I'm insure and pissed off about my sexuality so I want my money back."

        Had they actually said that, I have to admit I personally might have been tempted to say, "okay."

  2. djsunkid says:



    Awesome. I had almost forgotten about that dreaded message from back in the day, until about a week ago when I was typing a long LONG LJ update and somebody picked up another extension firefox crashed. Thank goodness that LJ automagically saves posts.

    Anyway, I put in


    and finished the post. Considering that roughly half of my readership is friends from back in the BBS days, I expect that it was largely appreciated.

  3. romulusnr says:

    "NO CARRIER" is so 90s. Though there ought to be a retro geek garage industrial band named that.

    Anyway, the real answer is that yes, there are still people on dialup, but they realize that they never actually reach 56K bandwidth consistently, so they don't bother even trying to stream even the 24k feeds.

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