27-Feb-2006 (Mon) Wherein numerous photos are presented.

A bunch of new photos are up now: the Thrill Kill Kult + Space Vaccuum + Smash-Up Derby show; Meat's four year anniversary, with zombie dance troupe The Living Dead Girlz; and Pop Roxx with Viva K. (There was a long delay getting these up because -- I'm sure you are shocked -- my computer was busted).

Good shows all! If you had your picture taken in the Meat photo booth, you can buy prints...

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  1. otterley says:

    Speaking of Ladytron, are you going to their upcoming show? Sue and I already have tickets.

  2. kyronfive says:

    I was wondering where all the pics were.

  3. twid says:

    Your iMac? My iMac rev A was repaired three times (HD, HD, mobo, HD) and on the 4th repair I was given a new iMac G5 rev C. That was just before New Year's. The second week of February *it* died (no video) and apparently the parts were backordered, so they gave me a new iMac Intel.

    So, Apple quality so far not so good, but Applecare so far very good. I will say that this iMac Intel is the fastest-responding-GUI I've ever used, really nice machine.

  4. whittles says:

    hoo-freagin-ray. Jaimie, you got some fantastic pictures. Thank you so much!

  5. icedaemoness says:

    Divine Bovine!
    The pics you took of us are FANTOOOZLE!!!
    Thank you soooo much!!
    I send mucho traffic your way...
    bwah ha hah hahhhhh...

  6. Brain-bustin' awesome. THANKS, JAMIE!

  7. xrayspx says:

    I went against better judgment and saw TKK this past weekend in Boston. I'm glad I went because I'd never seen them before, but overall it was pretty mediocre. I also plan to see Ministry when they come around in June, for the same reasons, and against the same warning.

    I imagine it's like seeing a Poison or RATT reunion tour for hair-band fanatics. Satisfying, but not wholly so.

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