12-Jan-2006 (Thu) Wherein are photos and teh drama.

Photos are up of the Specimen + Flatline Transmissions + Deadfly Ensemble show. This was intended to be a 20th anniversary reunion show for Specimen, except that it was the whole band except for the lead singer... so they decided to call themselves "Azoic" instead (the name of one of their albums, ignoring the fact that there's an existing band called that already) And then... two days before the show, we (DNA) got a very pissed off email from Olli, the original lead singer, wondering why nobody even contacted him. Um, oops. That's pretty lame, guys...

Despite that, it was a good show. Tobias (the replacement) did a good job; they sounded just like Specimen to me.

(Olli's actually performed here on three different occasions: he does psytrance now, and sells a line of fluorescent rave clothing.)

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  1. styroteqe says:

    fluorescent rave clothing! hooray, sign me up. hopefully there are enough pockets for me to sneak a bottle of ketamine AND the GHB into the gabber party tonight

  2. kraquehaus says:

    So, I have a lot of pork, saussage and the like about what happened with teh drama. I won't get into it too much, but suffice to say that the only thing the band did "wrong" (as far as I know, but I was basically not involved with anything but learning a whole set of songs in ~3 weeks *gulp*) was to go by "Azoic" without realizing there is an industrial band of the same name. woops

    The whole issue of Ollie being pissed stems from someone (ain't gonna point fingers) screwing up and advertising the show as a reunion. woops. I would be pissed too. The intention was to just get most of the old guys together to play a few of the old songs under the guise of another band name.

    I was freaked out because the last thing I wanted was for people to be expecting Ollie and getting me instead. Talk about pressure...

    Oh, and I'm Super Glad you didn't hate the performance! ;-)

    • zapevaj says:

      Damn, I skip Christmas at home one year and see what happens; I didn't even hear 'bout this. Congrats, t.

      (This is Rae, btw. Hi.)

      • kraquehaus says:

        It's been a while! hoy hoy hoy!
        How goes?

        • zapevaj says:

          Hi! yeah, I didn't come home for the holidays this year. I'll be there for FebMEAT, though.

          Chicago is cold but fun, as usual. We have Indigo with us this weekend, and last night I called him by your name just to fuck with him.

  3. Was that guy in The Deadfly Ensemble singing through a hair-dryer, or was he just drying the girl's hair on-stage?


    • gnat23 says:

      Hey, with one guy on 'do, and one guy off stage right to hold the drinks, it's was a full on quintet.

      What amused me most was that, before the cello came out, it looked like the hairdresser was the only one with sheet music.

    • jwz says:

      His role in the band was Mohawk Maintenance.

    • zapevaj says:

      I'd bet it actually was a Mohawk Maintenance interlude. The singer-guy (the effete-looking blond) comes from Cinema Strange, who are known for doing odd things in their stage shows.

      Pity their music makes me twitch.

      • jwz says:

        The best part is that it wasn't an interlude: he was working on her during the first few songs.

        It was my favorite part of their set, really...

  4. boggyb says:

    *blink* *blink*

    Is it just me, or have LJ changed their feed icon?

  5. babynutcase says:

    could keep track balls from popping out.

    bonus link