16-Dec-2005 (Fri) Wherein photos are presented.

Photos of the Conjure One + Unwoman show. I liked them both. Unwoman is cello and laptop, and Conjure One was basically the same as Fulber's previous band, Delerium. I was under the impression that Delerium was pretty popular, but the turnout was extremely light.

Also up are photos of Good Vibrations High School, which featured more plaid skirts than you'll find even at a ska show.

15 Responses:

  1. ioerror says:

    Way to sound excited! Wow! PHOTOS!

  2. lroberson says:

    C'mon... where's the exciting 'wherein...' clause???

    • jwz says:

      It was a short entry! Give me a break!

    • strspn says:

      Here's some for if you miss it next time:

      ... wherein photographs of performers, customers, and staff are taken, and placed on the web.

      ... wherein exceptional club lighting meets challenges in the expression of contrast.

      ... wherein poses are struck, captured, and relayed to you, the viewing public.

  3. usufructer says:

    Where's the wherein? You can't just discard a hallmark like that.

  4. Pity it's not green though, although they are a fully custom shop.

  5. tkil says:

    Their gig down here in San Diego on Monday was also woefully under-attended. And far too short. I enjoyed it, though. (Made going to the incredibly crowded Bauhaus show the next night all the more of a contrast...)

    Their current (2nd) album is much more like Delerium than their first album was. Which is too bad, as I felt the prior album was actually getting away from the complacency of the last few Delerium releases. *shrug*

    (But then I'm one of those philistines who actually likes VNV Nation, so my opinion on music is to be regarded with suspicion.)

  6. sherbooke says:

    ...lady monkeybacon is revealed

  7. I missed it on the twelfth, but "Well, time has passed, and my capacity for hate has grown," is my new favorite sentence for... a while. Just sayin'.