Photos are now up of last night's Ayria + System Syn + Tesseract7 show. Ayria and Tesseract7 were alright, but throughout System Syn's set, I kept getting the feeling that this was the worst band I'd ever seen, even though I knew that's not even remotely possible -- I mean, Apocalypse Theatre is still far and away the record holder on that one, so much so that mere mortals can't even think to try for the title any more -- but that I was even considering the question says something about how mind-blowingly sick I am of that particular brand of so-called "industrial" cliché. I was surprised to realize that they've played here before... though I guess it's not surprising that I couldn't even tell. It seems that I hated them a lot more this time than last. Well, time has passed, and my capacity for hate has grown.

Oh, there are also some recent photos of the awesome Vau de Vire Society at Pop Roxx, and of Meat.

Photos of the Conjure One + Unwoman show. I liked them both. Unwoman is cello and laptop, and Conjure One was basically the same as Fulber's previous band, Delerium. I was under the impression that Delerium was pretty popular, but the turnout was extremely light.

Also up are photos of Good Vibrations High School, which featured more plaid skirts than you'll find even at a ska show.

Photos are up of the bouncy-castle-riffic DNA Staff Christmas Party (Oh, the humanity...) and of Madelia at last night's Pop Roxx, and also a few more pictures of the Ayria + System Syn + Tesseract7 show.

All stunts performed by professional drivers on a closed track. Do not try this at home.