6-Nov-2005 (Sun) Wherein both photos and your plans for this evening are presented.

Last weekend was awesome! Photos are now up of Pop Roxx and Halloween. I don't remember which order they finished in, but the top three finalists in our costume contest were Edward Scissorhands, Jack Skellington, and Willy Wonka... the Tim Burton trifecta. (There might have been more, but pirates and corpse brides don't win costume contests.)

This week has been somewhat less than awesome: the primary webcasting machine has gremlins again (Dead drive? No. Bad RAM? No. Flaky power supply? Probably not. Just fickle? You bet.) We lost a webcast because of it, and things are currently being held together with spit and bubble gum while Jonathan tries to figure it out. Blah.

Front 242 is tonight -- highly recommended!

3 Responses:

  1. g_na says:

    I can't look at that 242 flyer without seeing those piston-type objects as penises. But maybe they're supposed to be phallic?

  2. gutbloom says:

    You know I have this thing for women with lots of arms, like Hindu goddesses or Buddhist demons. Finally I find one, on your DNA site, but I think she's supposed to be a spider. Wouldn't you know it. The arthropod that often eats its mates. Nice. Go figure. I can't win for losing.

  3. tfofurn says:

    As a barbershopper, I really hope the mummies-with-straw-hats group could actually sing.