23-Aug-2005 (Tue) Wherein girls who are boys like boys to be girls, or however that goes.

Photos are up of the Tenth Annual Drag King Contest. It was very entertaining!

Oddest moment: for some inexplicable reason, shortly before we closed, one of the contest judges decided to hike up her dress and pee on our sidewalk. That's what I like to call "classy with a capital K." It is believed that she's biologically female, but thankfully, none of the staff had a front row seat for that particular sideshow.

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  1. purple_b says:

    I don't know if you noticed, but Rusty Hips came out on stage at one point with an untied bow tie on. He saw me and asked if I knew how to tie one. He then went back on stage with a tied bow tie. He was thrilled to have found someone to tie it for him.
    When he asked me if I knew how to tie a bow tie I was thrilled! I don't get to use thet skill to help out my fellow man very often.