21-Jul-2005 (Thu) Wherein we do battle with the bouncy castle.

Photos are up of our recent Staff Christmas Party and Four Year Anniversary. Like last year, we had a bouncy castle and piñatas. This year, we had acrobats and contortionists. Oh yes.

If you have the means, I do so recommend picking up a bouncy castle. And I will let you in on a little secret: like many things, bouncy castles are much more fun once you start using them not as directed. For example, you might choose to ask, "what happens when you try to get on top of the bouncy castle instead of staying inside?" The answer is, "it tries to kill you!" But it's much, much more fun that way.

A few other galleries of older events have also straggled in recently: the final Remedy; the latest Pop Roxx; and the latest Dark Sparkle.

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