Tomorrow is our fourth anniversary. Yay.

    Total events:   786
    Total live shows:   147
    Total Bands:   258
    Total DJs:   1124
    Events per month:   15.8
    Live shows per month:   3.0
    Events per week:   3.7
    Live shows per week:   0.7

I haven't written here in a while because there's been almost nothing interesting going on, I'm afraid to say. Let's see, what has been going on?

  • Remedy, our weekly Friday event, finally called it quits after 148 events over two and a half years. It looks like we'll be doing one-off events on Fridays for the forseeable future, and if history is to be any guide, those will probably be hiphop. This undermines our usual "we've got both kinds of music, house and hiphop" gag.

  • Recently, Lift (or as we all call it, "Pukey Asian Night") broke their own record, with 24 confirmed pukings. The previous record was 16, set way back in May 2003. Please note: this only counts confirmed pukings. A confirmed puking is one that requires clean-up. If someone does it in toilet bowl, or a trash can, or three blocks away, it doesn't count.

  • We got a ticket for littering. A gaggle of inspectors and cops came by at 1AM on a Saturday night and ticketted us because there were cigarette butts on our sidewalk. You know, underneath all of the people smoking, who were still standing there!

  • We were instructed that we need to have a candle permit. Yes, apparently if you ever want to have those little restaurant candles out on tables, the city expects you to pay them for that.

  • Oh, and of course, ______ _____ ____ _____, ____-_____ _______ __ ___ ___ ______, ___ ______ ____.

  • We still haven't found a contractor for the Secret Construction Project. We've got the permits, but can't find anyone (licensed) who is willing to actually do the work.

  • "Operation: Hang A Sign On The Building" is now entering the fourth year of its planning stage. Hey guys, no need to rush it!

Notably absent from that list are any bands. Looks like the last real band that played here was The Epoxies in May! (I'm not counting in my current definition of band "a dozen MCs and DJs plus one drummer", which is perhaps not completely fair, but whatever.)

DNA Lounge got mentioned on NPR this morning; you can listen here. They did a segment on Asian rock, and talked about the Wu Bai show we did in April.

A while back I mentioned how odd it was to find out that a show might not be happening because I had read about the band's car troubles on their blog.

Well, here's another, even more amusing first: I learned that Manufactura will probably not be appearing at the July 19th Combichrist show by reading his arrest report! Supposedly security at a club where he was performing in Florida tried to throw him out, and he pulled a knife on them. Good times, good times.

Photos are up of our recent Staff Christmas Party and Four Year Anniversary. Like last year, we had a bouncy castle and piñatas. This year, we had acrobats and contortionists. Oh yes.

If you have the means, I do so recommend picking up a bouncy castle. And I will let you in on a little secret: like many things, bouncy castles are much more fun once you start using them not as directed. For example, you might choose to ask, "what happens when you try to get on top of the bouncy castle instead of staying inside?" The answer is, "it tries to kill you!" But it's much, much more fun that way.

A few other galleries of older events have also straggled in recently: the final Remedy; the latest Pop Roxx; and the latest Dark Sparkle.

Photos are up of Pop Roxx, Meat, and last month's Digable Planets show.

In record-setting news, Devon reports that Pukey Asian Night has set a new one: not number of pukings, but this time, number of pukings on staff. That number so far is three. On armpit-to-ankle; one from above, through the stairs; and one when someone foolishly got between a girl and her intended garbage can.

Go team. Also:

Children Hurt When Bounce House Collapses

    PARKLAND, FL (AP) -- Broward County officials say several children were injured after a bounce house collapsed.

    The Sheriff's Office reports that about six children were injured while playing at a summer camp in Parkland. Spokeswoman Liz Calzadilla-Fiallo says at least ten children were on the slide that is designed to hold only four at a time.

    The slide is about 15 feet high at its highest point. It's not yet known what caused the bounce house to collapse, but those playing on it fell into each other. Some complained of facial or back injuries.