20-May-2005 (Fri) Wherein we bring back the bomb.

GWAAAAARR!! These videos for Bring Back the Bomb and Womb With a View appear to have been filmed at DNA Lounge back in November!     \m/

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  1. edlang says:

    Wow. You really *do* have a womb of one's own that gestates film clips. When are you going to do a miniseries?

  2. baconmonkey says:

    red mic, white mic, Rip the System.

  3. 21cdb says:

    OK, so, dumb Gwar stuff. I grew up sleazing around Richmond.

    One time, waiting for the show to start, wearing my white T-shirt. Some kid and a Budwieser have a disagreement with one of the bouncers at the Flood Zone. Kid takes a swing at bouncer. Bouncer takes a swing at kid. Standing next to all this, moments later, I'm covered in some sort of warm, wet, slick substance. Someone walks up to me later during the opening band, looks me over. "Did I miss it?" Miss what? "Gwar!"

    Turns out I'm covered in blood - real, human blood - from kid's nose and face.

  4. hafnir says:

    Along the same lines, at this site, in the "Video from Collide's 2005 West Coast tour", I believe the video every time she's in the razor blade dress comes from the DNA show. I figure there's a good chance you already know about this, but just in case.

  5. argv says:

    That was a great show... Fuck the bomb, bring back GWAR!

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