18-May-2005 (Wed) Wherein blah blah blah.

My new favorite joke:

    One DJ says to the other, "Do you want to go to a movie tonight?"
    and the other one says, "I don't know, who's the projectionist?"

Photos are up of the Hungry Lucy + BloodWIRE show.

Also, you may have noticed that the calendar pages now have inlined flyers on them. I'm still a little conflicted about that. I think it looks good, but it tends to make the calendar pages even wider, and I think they were way too wide already. (I am not a fan of the horizontal scrollbar.)

This Sunday is the Epoxies / Groovie Ghoulies show. The Epoxies are fantastic and you must attend! You may recall me gushing about them after they played here in November.

17 Responses:

  1. oh, i LIKE the calendar pages like that!

  2. fo0bar says:

    The calendar looks very nice at 1024x768, but yeah, it violates the "always design for 800x600" implied rule.

    • strangehours says:

      It's also far too wide for an 80 column terminal, but I doubt anyone these days cares.

      Frankly, designing for resolution x is completely broken - even if it is a ncecessity. I already have problems with stupid crappy fixed size sites that end up taking up a teeny weeny corner of a 1600x1200 display. And if anything is certain, it's that it will get worse.

      Oh, and apart from the width it renders fine in w3m.

      • fo0bar says:

        okay, yeah, design your site to work with as many browsers in as many different configurations as possible. I was just saying that while the information is there and readable on an 800x600 browser, it has horizontal scrolling, which is annoying. Not much you can do there except get rid of information; there's only so many columns you can pack into a space.

      • jwz says:

        I've got a pair of 1600x1200 screens, but typically my browser windows are no bigger than 800x1000. If I thought it was reasonable to run maximized all the time, there'd be no reason to have a screen bigger than 1024x768! The reason I have a big desktop is so that I can fit a lot of things on it. I don't understand people who run maximized all the time.

        Also, that shape of window has room for roughly 80 or 90 columns of text in my browser's default font.

        So the thing that I find frustrating is that the calendar pages require a wide window, say 1024 wide, but all the textual pages on the site, like the blog or the remodeling page or whatever, look like ass if the page is really wide: if you don't re-size the window back down, you end up with all these 130 column by 2 line paragraphs. It's pretty well understood that thinner columns are easier to read; that's why books are tall instead of wide, and why newspapers don't just run the text all the way from left to right in one column.

        So I certainly understand the instinct that causes people to cram all the text into the corner of a big window, even though, when I run across it, I usually find it frustrating.

        On the other hand, I have a web site where, in order to read it comfortably, you have to resize the window when you change pages, and that's pretty annoying too.

        • nothings says:

          The thing that's most obviously inducing scrollbarrage seems to be that it won't split lines, so, say, current month is seemingly forced a bit wider than 1K in my default font due to "Hosted by Michael Sparkle & Princess Kennedy" staying on one line.

          But the actual fixable thing is the lefthand sidebar; the page is tall enough that it just wastes a ton of space (it looks like it's actually a tad wider than the flyer column, even); since its only content is at the top and bottom, it could maybe just be moved out of being a sidebar to being top and bottom bars. (But I dunno; maybe this is just me. I had to roll my own LJ style to fix the same problem with the style I liked, implying most people don't care. Then again I see your own friends list is sidebar-free.)

          • jwz says:

            There's a lot of stuff in that menu. I never came up with a top-navigation layout that I liked.

            It's on purpose that none of the text in the calendar wraps; it tends to look awful when it's allowed to auto-wrap (one word per line, whee) so I break all the lines manually.

            On a related note, you can all die of non-shock to learn that the CSS "max-width" property is uselessly non-portable.

  3. pvck says:

    Hungry Lucy and Bloodwire played my joint last night, and when asked gushed greatly about the setup at your place, specifically the audio and video. Just so you know you are making performers happy.

  4. otterley says:

    Having listened to some samples of Hungry Lucy's music, I never would have suspected it consisted of one goth chick and one guy huddled behind a Macintosh.

  5. vxo says:

    I love the joke. It quite perfectly reflects the separation the modern DJ has from the creative process.

  6. revglenn says:

    callendar page looks great. at least at my resolution.

  7. ciphergoth says:

    Don't you mean "DNA Lounge Update, wherein blah blah blah"?

    On my somewhat crappy laptop I get horizontal scrollbarage. But including the flyer artwork is absolutely top idea. There's a discussion in, I think, POET, where a movie-selection system is redesigned to include the posters for the movie, on the grounds that a lot of work goes into expressing what the movie is like in the poster so it will be a lot more help than a description. But also, pictures just make things look better.

    Would using a single column for the information in the third and fourth columns work out, or would it look too crappy?

    • jwz says:

      I could reduce the 3 columns for each event to 2 or 1, but I think that'd make it harder to scan. Right now it's easy to go down the columns picking out dates or genres, and then look over to the right for the lineup when you see something interesting.

      I dunno. It seems like just about every other club in the world is using a big old grid (or just an unordered list) with sub-pages for each event. I find mine easier to read than those.

      I do like the extra content that some places have, where there's a paragraph of text about each event telling you why you should show up. But, I don't have that content. And I know from back when we were doing CØDE that getting that content was like extracting teeth.

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