7-May-2005 (Sat) Wherein I try (and fail) to construct a "Wherein" sentence around the phrase "pigface photos."

Photos are up of last night's Pigface show. That was another really hard night to shoot. It was one of those nights where the band said, "oh, we brought our own lights, your lighting guy doesn't need to do anything." What this meant was, "we've got a couple of ten dollar strobes, that should be plenty." So, you know, everyone's ankles were extremely well lit.

Pigface always puts on a great show, though.

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  1. looked like a GREAT show!

    they kept yelling at the crowd to perk the hell up. what up with that? what's wrong with this town?

    • jwz says:

      The crowd seemed pretty enthusiastic to me...

      • The wife and I were pretty tired (and getting too old for the scene), so maybe not in the best mood to appreciate them, so take it with a grain of salt, but... Pigface seems like they're getting dangerously close to unintentional self-parody. I was disappointed that Chris Connelly wasn't there (he skipped the tour due to some sort of leg injury), and while the lineup gave it the old college try, some energy just seemed to be missing. (Although The Enigma did pull off "Insect/Suspect" pretty successfully.) Anyway, I'm glad I went, but it definitely wasn't Pigface's best show evar.

      • they did to me, too, being able to only see the front rows. then heard someone on LJ say that everyone else just stood there. i'll bet you were right up front, though--those pictures! nice.

        oddly, i've heard that before about SF (and canadian!) audiences. wonder what it is.

  2. What did you think of Sheep on Drugs? Their albums are kind of funny, and not uninteresting, but they seem like the perform-over-a-recording kind of act... did they put on a decent show?

    • ciphergoth says:

      When I saw them they were talentless drunken arseholes slurring over a drum machine, with a cute girl to distract the audience.

      • Yeah, that's kinda what I figured.

      • This time was pretty much that minus the cute girl.

        Somehow, without having heard their stuff before, I expected something slightly more intellectual. Like, wasn't the band name chosen as a reaction *against* mindless techno?

        It's entirely possible that I was just having an irony-parity mismatch with them, where I was trying to appreciate them through an odd-number-of-levels-of-irony filter and they were attempting an even number.

    • jwz says:

      They were two guys and a sequencer, which was pretty much what I expected. (I mean, I get a kick out of their songs, but my expectations were low.) The singer had a Beetlejuice look about him, which was amusing.

  3. grahams says:

    good to see that martin atkins sent that black and white striped shirt out to pasture...

  4. gutbloom says:

    I was part of the April traffic spike. The Japanese and Dutch have nothing on me.

  5. anarqueso says:

    The guy with the icepick is my boyfriend. He's in the hospital because the pit didn't catch him during the straight jacket act.

    • jwz says:

      Wow, that sucks! I hope he's ok.

      I was way off to the side when he did that, so I didn't see, but it didn't look to me like there was much of a pit to speak of...

      • anarqueso says:

        Fractured the edge of a vertebra. Sucks to be him. But on a scale of 'fractured vertebrae' to 'Christopher Reeve', he's looking pretty good.

        True, there wasn't much of a pit, but he probably would have been caught earlier on, when more good-natured people were dominating the pit. Ah well. Just because he's done it a million times before doesn't mean it's not stupid.

        Good photos, by the way.

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  7. ammonoid says:

    not related -
    Someone is giving away free tvs from the 60s and 70s - if you still care about the tv thing.


    Doesn't say if the *work* or not, though.

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