29-Apr-2005 (Fri)

Last week orkut.com held an anniversary party here. It wasn't quite the nerd-fest I was expecting (it held no candle to the FreeBSD party, that's for sure...) In fact, to the untrained eye, it might have been indistinguishable from a typical house-music night here. There were a lot more light blue button-down shirts and a lot, a lot more dry-humping than average, but not so much outright stunning nerdulescence.

The best part was when some guy kept nagging one of the bartenders to point "Jay Doubleyew Zee" out to him. She of course refused, because she likes her job. He said it didn't matter, because he knew what I looked like anyway: he'd seen a picture in a magazine! She said, "and that was when, eight years ago?" "Um. Yeah." "Ok, good luck with that."

Then he offered her twenty bucks just to answer the question, "is he still in the building?" She took his money, and said, "yes". He went off to continue looking, not realizing that I had been standing next to him the whole time.

That, my friends, is why I try to avoid having recent, attributed pictures of me online. (Note: this is not your invitation to find one and point it out.)

Back at the FreeBSD party, we employed a Spartacus policy: everyone on staff wore those "Hello, my name is" stickers, all of which said "JWZ". It was awesome, because so many people bought it. One guy said to Sarah, "wait, I thought you were a guy!" She said, "yeah, everybody says that."

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