20-Apr-2005 (Wed) Wherein pugilistic farmers play with small plastic robots.

Photos are up of last night's Amish Rake Fight + Micronaut show. It was a really good show. I didn't get very many photos, though, because the whole show was pretty dark.

I read Chris Randall's blog, and it was especially entertaining in the last couple of weeks as he's been blogging from the road. So I got to find out a week ago that -- oops -- they might not be making it here at all. Their van's transmission and radiator turned to slag somewhere in the middle of Texas, causing them to miss one (or two?) shows. By the time they got it rebuilt, they had to drive 1699 miles in 32 hours...

Until now, I hadn't read someone blogging in such detail about a tour that we were part of. It was like behind the behind-the-scenes. This Interweb thing, it might just catch on, I'm telling you.

6 Responses:

  1. geektalk says:

    I remember when Chris Randall used to post to rec.music.industrial back in the mid 90s. Fun to see he's still hacking the internets.

    Guess I'll go see him (in PDX) tomorrow night.

  2. cwilllu says:

    Is this a continuation of the difficulties of finding reliable help from the construction days? Or just a supply and demand thing there?

    I know this is hopelessly naive, but one would think that one would be able to find one reliable contractor who looked favourably upon DNA as a reliable source of income without needing to perform the usual unethicalnessities...

    Or am I merely overestimating the amount of repair work that goes on in the course of a month?

  3. i could tell that you liked the show, since you were right up front snapping pictures, instead of hanging back by the bar and snarking.