6-Apr-2005 (Wed) Wherein we rock the Engrish.

Within 24 hours, the top four Google hits for "Chocolate Syrup Wrestling" pointed to the above-mentioned event. I shudder to think what kind of coprophiliac traffic that's going to drive here in days to come.

Last night we had a show by this fellow named Wu Bai, who apparently fills stadiums in Taiwan, which I guess explains why so many people who didn't speak English were willing to pay sixty bucks a head -- we sold out!

My favorite part was how the flyer, in a classic Engrish moment, proclaimed him "King of Live."

My least favorite part was how, not only did they plaster the walls of the club with banner ads (which, while hateful, isn't terribly unusual when TV and radio co-promotion is involved), but they also played commercials before the show.

I am not making this up. Before the band went on stage, they killed the music and played a DVD with ten minutes of Chinese commercials for ISPs and airlines and shit.

    At first I assumed it was ironic.

    Then my head exploded.

Anyway, the music was classic rock, totally unremarkable except for its non-English-ness. There was a pretty long article about this guy in the Mercury News this week (bypass the registration with BugMeNot.) Apparently there is "no one like him."

I only took a few photos; it was really crowded and I wasn't in the mood to force my way to the front.

The crowd were weirdly well behaved; not only did they throw away their own trash, but when someone left the crowd to go to the bar, their spot would still be waiting for them when they got back. I guess that was actually the strangest part of all.

16 Responses:

  1. mark242 says:

    $60 a head? Is that the most expensive DNA show ever run?

  2. edlang says:

    Why was the drummer behind a perspex screen? I realise some Asians are stereotyped as having a propensity to spit in public, but really...

    And if it were to protect the ears of the other band members, why didn't they just prerecord the kit lines?

    • gadlen says:

      The screen is to lower the natural volume of the drums so that the volume can be controlled from the mikes and mixing board. Otherwise, the minimum volume of the band is dictated by the (perenially loud) drum set. The screens are not that uncommon.

  3. jesus_x says:

    These are excellent if only for the next use of the word "wherein" in humorous and unexpected situations.

  4. boldra says:

    The crowd was well-behaved. That sounds like drink sales were down.

  5. fantasygoat says:

    Do you get a piece of that sweet ticket action or just the club rental and bar?

    • jwz says:

      I can't believe that's what passes for "news" these days.

      • gnodal says:

        I didn't really think it'd be new to you ... just confirming.

        Anyhow to be fair I think his sorta stories is the only way that non-news will perculate down. (Do you read Jon Udell now and again? That's where I first saw the hacks on this.)

        • jwz says:

          How's it a "hack"? You type in an address, it shows you a satellite map. That's so 1998. I mean it's cool and all, but how the hell does he turn a one line press release into three pages of article?

          So, uh, no, I don't read him.

          • gnodal says:

            2 points: 1) "hack" was me typing DNA's addy into the URL directly; he didn't make any sort of geekish claim, and 2) there's latency in stuff getting down to the roots ... I'm sure you know that very well. (I'd rather that than mere ignorance.)

            Folk like you implement, folk like him talk it up ... seems a reasonable tag-team but maybe that's just me.

            Sad to hear that you don't appreciate his humour.

          • gnodal says:

            Oh wait, did you mean Udell re: hacks?
            From his blog: what I think is the most substantial (after all, it's only a blog entry). And I think you'll agree on how creating a walking tour is a good deal more than just typing in an address!

            Hacks galore!