Photos are up of last Sunday's Aggrolites + Soul Captives + Impalers ska/reggae show.

At one point, the singer for The Aggrolites mentioned that he had to get up very early in the morning to install tile somewhere, "so if you need any tiling done, give me a call." Barry and I looked at each other like, "Score!" because it turns out that we do need some tiling done. (We've got a lot of tiles to replace thanks to fuckhead vandals carving their little gangsta pirate names into our bathroom walls.) But, alas, they're from San Diego, and I doubt that commute makes it economical.

So hey, if you're good at tile, or a plumber, give us a call. You'd be surprised how hard it is to find people to do that kind of work who will return phone calls and/or show up when they say they will.

Also available for your perusal are photos of last night's Tokyo Dark Castle. It was a pretty good turnout for a Sunday night, and a lot of folks dressed up for it. (Beyond the folks who were in the fashion show, I mean.) Dressing up is good.

It's been a while since I've mentioned our ongoing battles with the video switcher. The most recent problem had been that the diskless computer that drove the switcher (via its serial port) had been flaking out a lot. That computer sat up in the DJ booth, and I guess it had just a little too much fog juice spilled on it or something. So we gave up on the idea of trying to make that work, and replaced that computer with a serial port to ethernet adapter. Now the video switcher is driven by a computer in the relatively luxurious back office. (It's tricky to do multi-hundred-foot serial line runs, but that's no problem for ethernet.)

Well, that was working great for a couple months, but now the dingus just keeps rebooting itself continuously. The wooden box it was living in is pretty warm, so I'm suspecting that it baked. Yay.

"So... Jesus, a rabbi, Colonel Sanders, Hunter S. Thompson and a slutty Hawaiian girl walk into a bar. Then the gorilla says..."

Indeed, that's what happened on Sunday! I'm glad that my bar is helping to make bar jokes come to life. You want photos, I assume: MC Kingfish's Burlesque Birthday Blowout.

Someone told me that the can-can troupe weren't actually booked by anybody: they just showed up, in costume, and said "can we go on next?" I will believe that this is true, because it should be. I choose to live in a world populated by roving bands of vigilante can-can girls.

It looks like the problem with the serial port dingus was an intermittently-flaky ethernet cable. Conveniently, the cable in question was a 200' run.

Jonathan and Devon built an enclosure for our VCR and DVD player. This should hopefully let us stop having to replace them every three months, since now the the video monkeys will have a much harder time dropping them or spilling their drinks into them. Everything is bolted down, and all the I/O is routed through a pair of front-panel switches, so people won't be able to (or need to) mess around with the back connectors (which they often managed to break.)

It's a pretty cool setup; there are two switches, one for "preview" and one hooked up to the projector. (Presumably anyone with more complicated needs than that will have brought their own gear.) Next on the list is converting the feed to the projector from baseband to s-video. Apparently you can do long s-video runs over a pair of coax cables, and that should make the picture a lot sharper.