14-Feb-2005 (Mon) Wherein photos are presented, slipmats are distributed, and careful note is made in your calendar.

Photos of the Nina Hagen + Jill Tracy show are up now, as well as photos of the Plastination + Space Vacuum show. Oh that Nina. What a character.

Also, we finally found someone to print more slipmats for us! Consequently, they are now available for sale in the DNA Lounge Temple of Consumerism. Get yours today; supplies are, as they say, limited.

We've recently booked some notable events:

  • Sun, Mar 06: Tokyo Dark Castle:
    To be honest, I don't know whether this event will be cool, or like watching a slow-motion car crash. But I expect it to be entertaining either way. The event was originally supposed to happen in conjunction with an anime convention, but I gather the convention folks backed out at the last minute.

  • Sun, Mar 13: MC Kingfish's Burlesque Birthday Blowout:
    You may remember Kingfish from such shows as Spectacular! Spectacular! (He's the loud guy.) Well, he's turning 40, and throwing a free admission party with many of the local burlesque acts you've seen time and again come to know and love. It should be a good time.

  • Thu, May 05: Pigface, Sheep On Drugs, Nocturne, & Voodou:
    Oh, the Pigface. We do loves us some Pigface. I shouldn't have to explain to you again how awesome this show will be. It's been almost exactly two years since Pigface were here last! (Last year they cheated on us with another club, but all is forgiven.)

9 Responses:

  1. pvck says:

    I note previously the pictures from the Attrition show. We got to play with them when they came through here, and, again, there were like a dozen people there. Why is it that one of the more influential (at least long lived and prolific) acts in that style of music doesn't seem to attract more people?

    I wish we had gotten HBS as well. She gave me one of her demo disks and I would have liked to have seen that.

    • bodyfour says:


      If you're under 30 you probably have no idea who Attrition is

      If you're over 30 you probably saw them at least a couple times during their "tour every town in the US" phase

      At least those were the explanations I heard from the people I unsuccessfully tried to get to the show — it was either "who?" or "seen 'em". Really a shame — I had seem them a few times before but this show was better than the rest of them combined.

  2. nester says:

    OOOOoOoO Slipmats! Pretty. now if only I had a turntable... or two.

    Did JJ work out?

    • jwz says:

      Yes, thanks for the pointer!

      • nester says:

        Excellent! I always like to pimp the people that did good stuff for me.. but always worry that something will go wrong, etc. Seller's anxiety, I guess.

        Anyway, good deal!

  3. korgmeister says:

    This photo greatly amuses me for some reason.

    Probably because my mind inserts the exclamation "Rarr!" as its audio accompanyment.

  4. kyronfive says:

    RE: Tokyo Dark Castle: I'll take $500 for "slow motion car crash," Bob.

  5. sudsyfist says:

    > slipmats are distributed

    Just ordered a couple of pair -- I hear they're more magical than a generous helping of Spanish Fly.

    Kickass, man. I hope you sell enough to make it worthwhile.

  6. bonniegrrl says:

    LOVE the photo section! ;-)

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