Photos of the Attrition + High Blue Star show are up now. Two great bands, and almost nobody came. I think there were like twelve people here when HBS started.

You may be wondering about the "rolling" effect on a couple of the pictures. They came out that way due to a nearly-disasterous incident with a corrupted camera card. We probably could have edited them back to normal, but they look kinda neat that way...

Photos of the Nina Hagen + Jill Tracy show are up now, as well as photos of the Plastination + Space Vacuum show. Oh that Nina. What a character.

Also, we finally found someone to print more slipmats for us! Consequently, they are now available for sale in the DNA Lounge Temple of Consumerism. Get yours today; supplies are, as they say, limited.

We've recently booked some notable events:

  • Sun, Mar 06: Tokyo Dark Castle:
    To be honest, I don't know whether this event will be cool, or like watching a slow-motion car crash. But I expect it to be entertaining either way. The event was originally supposed to happen in conjunction with an anime convention, but I gather the convention folks backed out at the last minute.

  • Sun, Mar 13: MC Kingfish's Burlesque Birthday Blowout:
    You may remember Kingfish from such shows as Spectacular! Spectacular! (He's the loud guy.) Well, he's turning 40, and throwing a free admission party with many of the local burlesque acts you've seen time and again come to know and love. It should be a good time.

  • Thu, May 05: Pigface, Sheep On Drugs, Nocturne, & Voodou:
    Oh, the Pigface. We do loves us some Pigface. I shouldn't have to explain to you again how awesome this show will be. It's been almost exactly two years since Pigface were here last! (Last year they cheated on us with another club, but all is forgiven.)