19-Jan-2005 (Wed)

We're sorry to report that, due to illness, Nina Hagen has postponed her show Wed, Feb 9th.

Jill Tracy and her band will still be performing tomorrow, Jan 20 (along with DJs Miz Margo and others.) This will be a free show! Doors at 8pm.

If you already bought tickets to see Nina Hagen, those tickets will be honored on Feb 9th. If you'd like a refund instead, send mail to orders@dnalounge.com with your confirmation number.

4 Responses:

  1. swaz says:

    I was born in 1959. This makes me middle aged. I always thought one of the benefits of middle age would be not having to carry identification. I watched a lot movies when I was child where "show me your papers" was indicative of unamerican totalitarianism.

    Most venues are compliant with the concept when I show my time and sun ravaged face. The doorman at your club begs to differ, he says that not only do I need to carry identification to patronize your establishment, but this identification must be valid. The funny thing is that I have done official business, such as taking the professional engineer licensing exam with an expired license, but the ONLY place I have ever been jammed about having an expired license is at the DNA.

    So the question is, should I patronize your establishment for the next Nina Hagen show or should I stay at home because my papers are not in order license is expired?

    • jwz says:

      I feel your pain, but if you don't think the ABC's rules about what constitutes valid ID are reasonable, you'll need to take it up with them. Hell, I'll even sign your petition. But this is not a fight that I choose to lead; I have more interesting brick walls to bash my head against, thanks.

      In the meantime, you might want to give all due consideration to the possibility of just getting your damned license renewed already.

      • edlang says:

        Huh, Q62.6 is a little strange -- some licensees (as per 62.9) have no right to permit graffiti? What constitute graffiti in this case?

        I wonder what this "certain marine park" is.

    • bodyfour says:

      Do you have a (non-expired) passport? Any other government-issued photo identification?

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