8-Dec-2004 (Wed) Wherein photos are presented.

Photos of the Faith And The Muse / Claire Voyant / Flatline Transmissions show are up now. This one was especially hard to shoot for some reason. I guess the room was extra dark last night (though it didn't seem darker than usual...)

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  1. endico says:

    Those of you who like this kind of music and who use itunes should rate this playlist. Playlists that have been rated by a lot of people get more exposure and maybe that will help out some indie bands.

  2. skreidle says:

    Faith and the Muse are awesome both musically and personally--they played a club I frequent in DC a couple months ago, where several of the regulars know them. :)

  3. what was your take on fatm? i saw them in LA a few years back and was pretty impressed; wanted to go to the show but fate was against me.

    • jwz says:

      I liked them; I've seen them a bunch of times. I definitely enjoy their shows more when they're doing the "full band" thing than the "accoustic sit-down" thing (which they did the previous time around.) But, I dunno, I think last night I just didn't really feel like going out at all, so I was kinda distracted all evening. (This may also be why my pictures sucked, but it didn't seem like it at the time.)

  4. ioerror says:

    Perhaps try shooting at ISO 1600?

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