30-Nov-2004 (Tue) Wherein facefuls of alien spunk are deployed.

I regret to report that the Pajama Jammy Jam was the worst thing it could possibly have been: completely unremarkable. We were all expecting it to be a total horror-show, and we didn't even get any stories out of it. There weren't many people, and there were more staff wearing pajamas than customers. There was also, inexplicably, one guy wearing a cheap full-body penis costume.

So Naughty Christmas's title remains unchallenged.

Speaking of giant penises, here's how you do it properly: photos of last night's GWAR show are up now. Those guys are just so totally awesome. It's like they get up on stage and hose you down with awesomeness. An arterial flow of sticky red awesomeness.

Taking pictures of them is quite an experience: click. click. click. Duck down and wipe the blood off the lens. click. click. click. Repeat.

10 Responses:

  1. endico says:

    Wow jamie, you really got a lot of great photos. Your photos are getting better and better. I want one of those cameras. And one of those lenses.

  2. thomtoffner says:

    How far from the stage were you? Some of those look like they were standing on you. Really brilliant pics, some of the best I've ever seen in conditions like that.

    • jwz says:

      Thanks! I was between the stage and the barricade in front of it, so yeah, they were basically on top of me. It was easier in that I didn't have the crowd slamming into me (except when someone surfed over the wall) but hard in that I couldn't move around much, and all the angles were really steep...

      • nice placement. so, were they actually kicking people out who crowd-surfed into that no-man's land between the barriers and the stage? was curious....

        also, SO did NOT get sprayed with goop standing over to the side, like i did last time! i had to go jump in the pit and get in front of the blood cannon to get all good and disgusting! what the hell!

        you're right, though: hosed down with RAW AWESOME.

        • jwz says:

          Actually, it wasn't clear to me what they were doing about crowd surfers (besides trying not to get kicked in the head.) I meant to ask...

          • baconmonkey says:

            they were kicked out.
            eventually, it became clear that this policy would leave GWAR with 3 people in the audience by their last song, and several hundred really pissed people hovering on the sidewalk.
            This led to a shift in policy to "calm down, don't do it again, go back in and have fun" if the people were not blatant assholes about it.

          • yeah, me too, but i didn't want it to come off all "OMG WHAT R U DOING THAT'S SOOO NOT FAIR MAN THEY'RE *COOL*", which it can when security is stressed and you stop them to ask about what they're doing.

  3. I'll join in on the praise of your pictures. You've really improved.

    I know it isn't why people go to see a GWAR show, but do they play their instruments live? If they can play at all while wearing those rubber suits they truly are gods.

    • jwz says:

      Yeah, they really play. What surprised me the first time I saw them is that they're actually a pretty decent metal band, too -- you'd expect them to just coast on the costumes, but they don't.