1-Oct-2004 (Fri) Wherein photographs are presented.

Photos are up of the More Machine Than Man show last night. They had an unusual setup: there was a giant rear-projection screen across the front of the stage, and sometimes all you could see was the projection, but periodically they would light themselves so that you could see through the screen to the band behind it. It was a pretty neat effect. (Difficult to photograph, however!)

4 Responses:

  1. fzou says:

    Huh, they didn't have crowd visual foldback? How could they tell they weren't playing to an empty club?

  2. greatbiggary says:

    Off topic, but be careful about letting Treephort and their flaming thongs on your stage.

  3. solios says:

    They played an incredibly small bar in Pittsburgh in late 2002. Good show- cool guys, very multimedia, very political/bondage presentation. Personally, I like the full live effect quite a bit more than just the music alone- this sort of presentation/aesthetic would do well on a Skinny Puppy tour, I think.

    Nice to see they've made the West coast!