15-Sep-2004 (Wed) Wherein photos are presented.

Photos of the Black Tape for a Blue Girl / Nicki Jaine / Drop Black Sky show are up now.

I haven't updated in a few weeks because nothing interesting has happened lately. But, as a public service announcement, let me share with you a picture that should explain why you should never, ever take your shoes off in or near a nightclub. please cast your eyes to the right:

Yes, you're reading that correctly: this girl is sitting on the curb oblivious that her bare feet are in a puddle of vomit. It's not even her vomit. Yet.

But let's not humiliate the customers and turn a blind eye to the staff: that just wouldn't be fair. Here's a picture of that same stretch of sidewalk later in the evening, where Devon is trying to get himself fired by doing some puking of his own while on the clock. He had the good sense to keep his shoes on, but he's supposed to be cleaning up the vomit, not making more. Though I guess it's more efficient this way.

And, for posterity's sake, here's a picture from two years ago of Ron (Devon's boss) setting the "trying to get myself fired" example by passing out in, if not a gutter, then at least a drain. This was at the first Nina Hagen show, I believe. This was also the image on the cover of our christmas party invitation that year. It said, "Come have fun! But not this much fun."

7 Responses:

  1. ding_0_ says:

    Nicki Jane is my girl!

  2. fantasygoat says:

    You really bring the glamour back to the nightclub scene.

  3. markarsenal says:

    It was my second time at DNA, first time seeing a show there. Black Tape was rad. I endeavored to see them on their last tour, but it was during my ass-drunk alcoholic phase and I don't remember a single thing about the show I was at... The good news: I remember this show. The bad news: you didn't sell me any alcohol. The question: did my attendance make you money or cost you money?

  4. did you like drop black sky as much as the first time? i couldn't make it tuesday.

    also, nicki jane needs a SAMMICH, plz. sheesh.

    • baconmonkey says:

      from the dirty look she's shooting, can you guess who keeps stealing her sammiches?http://www.dnalounge.com/gallery/2004/09-14/210.html

      • zapevaj says:


        So why were you horking on the sidewalk, dear?

        • baconmonkey says:

          The timeline went something like this:
          door - 1:30 4 drinks n coatcheck (no buzz)
          1:30 - bar close 2-3 drinks (no buzz)
          2:20 - given bathroom break (faint buzz)
          2:25 - finish dropping the kids off at the pool. (faint buzz)
          2:26 - go outside for a little fresh air before returning to coatcheck. (faint-moderate buzz)
          2:30 - puking. No recollection of exiting the building, no reccolection of feeling queasy. No reccolection of returning to coatcheck at close, recall count-out of $$.

          My theory, which I've not verified with subsequent testing, is that said bowel movement released some of stomach contents into the intestines, where the liver is, for the most part, bypassed and alcahol is absorbed into the bloodstream rapidly and easily. hence the Zero-to-pukeDrunk in 10 minutes. comment from the gnome who broke me off "I don't get it, you were fine when you left coat check". Not that it justifies puking without a clown suit, but the whole thing snuck up on me really quick, and I hadn't been drinking any more than usual, and I had food in my stomache. So that's all I can figure for the extremely rapid descent.