16-Jul-2004 (Fri) Wherein you admire our bouncy castle, for starters.

As our auxiliary Halloween has come and gone, the kids decided we needed to have a secondary staff Christmas party, too. Also, it was our three year anniversary! Yay us. We had all the usual Christmas trappings at this party: a bouncy-castle, piñatas, and karaoke. (Well, the bouncy-castle was actually a car, but you get the idea.) Unfortunately, I forgot to schedule a webcast for that night, so we don't have an archive of the red hot karaoke action.

Photos of that, and of tonight's Glis / Regenerator / Ayria / Title show are now available for your convenience.

2 Responses:

  1. fzou says:

    At staff parties, do the trolls and the gnomes still perform their normal duties? Or do they enter bizarro club land, where the gnomes must make sure the floors are awash with vomit and beer, and the trolls pull in random vagrants off the street?

  2. lars_larsen says:

    Wow, that makes having a job look enticing.