25-Jun-2004 (Fri) Wherein photos are presented.

Photos are now up of KMFDM + Black.Japan, and of the Naughty Nursies show. Best line of the evening, from Jason: "If I have to tell one more clown to put his dick away... I mean that's so wrong! He's a clown!"

8 Responses:

  1. belgand says:

    Kimo?!? Bah, I wanna see Kibo in a loincloth!

  2. nzchrisb says:

    Wow the new camera certainly seems to be working out well. I'm lusting after the same body to fit the lenses I already own. I'm sick of scanning slide, dust sux or blows or something.

  3. fzou says:

    Ok, so last night I saw QBert here in Canberra, and although it was good, I kept thinking of something I recall you writing about him, about it being akin to him mastubating with the turntable. Google isn't being my friend this evening, however. At least he played for a whole 40 odd minutes. Hella longer than what you guys got!

    I'm also glad I was photoguy, because I got the best views on stage. I couldn't believe how ... yeah, I'm sure he gets enough shit for his height. Did he have trouble convincing the doorstaff that he was indeed older than 21, and now, his ID wasn't fake?

    I like some of your photos. Some of the reds are bit blown out, but eh, that's only a small matter of dicking around with the whitebalance in the GIMP or Photoshop or whatever.

    • jwz says:

      That red level is post-dicking.

      It's also after having multiple fights with out lighting guys along the lines of "stop using solid red all the fucking time!", and even making them go install more stage-facing white lights that are tied into the reds on the board, so that when it's red it's not totally red.

      They're fucking nuts for red. More beatings are due.

      • fzou says:

        I know you're not completely pr0no for nightclub photography as say, a nightclub photographer would be, but if you do get your hands on a Canon Speedlite flashhead (I remember reading that rzr_grl has a 550EX?) and read this fairly in-depth guide on flash photography with Canon EOS cameras, then you may be able to get around the red crap, to a certain extent. I read that guide late Friday night, talked about it at my photography class Saturday morning, and used it later Saturday night reasonably effectively.

        I do know that you are utterly and 100% pr0no for irretrievably sinking money into your club, so lightheartedly, I suggest that you investigate rigging up a big strobe lighting setup so that every time you take a photo, blinding white light fills the club, reminding your patrons that you are taking a photograph and guaranteeing a perfectly exposed shot.

  4. chromal says:

    That new digital camera was definitely worth whatever you paid for it. I'm not precisely sure what the watershed moment was-- probably the Canon EOS-1Ds, but daaaamn, it is now the case that digital >= film for color photography.

  5. uzr_zero says:

    dude u have a wicked site i love the way u set up the links on the right im not sure if i found the secret or not have anything to do with the pattern? like 20205010 or something any way just thought id tell u thats agreat lj and site =)

  6. omarius says:

    KMFDM! Dude! That's awesome. If I started a club and KMFDM played there, I'd feel like I was George Fucking Washington. You deserve a special T-shirt.