17-Jun-2004 (Thu) Wherein you listen to a humorous audio clip.

Photos are up of last night's Sister Machine Gun / Christ Analogue / Manufactura show. (I love my new camera.)

It was a fantastic show! Manufactura is one guy doing really good power noise; not much to watch, but he did seem to be playing, which is always greatly appreciated. Christ Analogue are hard industrial rock, mostly live, but with a lot of electronics in the mix too. They had two live drummers! They rocked. And Sister Machine Gun are long-time favorites of mine. they played a good mix of older and newer stuff, which was cool, because their style has changed a lot over the years. They started out as Pretty Hate Machine-influenced synthpoppy-industrial, but then started going in a much funkier Die Warzau-like direction.

Anyway, about half way through the show, SMG's singer made this hilarious speech which I will transcribe for you now:

So, everything we've played -- see, I give this speech every night, I mix it up a bit. We call it an "Audience Specific Interlude." Like, at this point, I'll say something about something tht happened to me in San Francisco.... and I'll make it "amusing..."

Anyways, everything we've played in this set up to this juncture, this crossroads, this... interlude... is released on Positron Records, which we own and operate, the representative of which [at the merch booth] will be happy to supply you with a fix in that regard, for a modest fee which will go toward letting us sleep in a hotel room instead of the van...

Everything after that juncture (that interlude) is released on Wax Trax Records. which means it's owned by -- actually it's not owned by TVT Records, it's owned by Credit Suisse. so technically speaking, the first four Sister Machine Gun albums are released on Credit Suisse, a Swiss bank, which is kind of cool when you think about it.

The point being, I don't get fuckin' paid for that shit, not a dime, not a single red cent. So you can go ahead and go home, and -- hey, you can download it right the fuck here, they got WiFi. Just get up on Morpheus or some fuckin' thing and get that shit for free.

Anyways, with that said, here we go.

Truly, a classic moment. Sign of the times.

10 Responses:

  1. kiad says:

    them thar' link needs a bit o' fixer-uppins!

  2. your new camera IS fabulous!

    wish i'd seen the show :< and the speech was priceless.

  3. simmonmt says:

    Did he happen to explain why he doesn't get paid for the songs after the speech? I thought that's what royalties were for.

  4. wilecoyote says:

    Wait until the swiss bank sues him after they find this out.

  5. ladycalliope says:

    That show kicked ass. Too bad more people weren't there to see it. Thank you SO MUCH for providing a great venue for SMG.

  6. Hah, you're such a sucker for that "Illegally Sharing Ripped Tracks = Fighting The Power" bullshit.

    That said, it really sounds like it was an awesome show. I'm currently downloading the webcast MP3s from the archives, and they're fucking fantastic. So I'd be a jerk if I didn't say: Thankyou for making the webcasts available. It's greatly appreciated.


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