1-May-2004 (Sat) Wherein you feast on braaaaaains!

Photos are now up of Genitorturers on Thursday, and Zombie DNA on Saturday, our mid-year Halloween party.

Angela set up a little photo booth that night, so we're trying something new this time: we're selling high quality prints of the Zombie photos in our online store. If you got your picture taken that night, you're in there. (There's a second page with the full gallery of everyone.) 5"x7" prints are $7, and 8"x10" prints are $14.

The event itself was an amazingly good time! The premise of the show was that Zombie Labs is conducting experiments to see how much of their previous skills the recently-dead retain; so they brought out a cage full of zombies, and had them perform their pre-death cabaret acts. If the zombies did well, they were rewarded with a tasty treat from the cooler full of brains. If they did not do so well, they went into the woodchipper, I mean, the Zombie Labs NecroShred 3000, pictured on the right! Though it's too late to get sprayed with blood from it, you can still listen to what this fine piece of equipment sounded like.

Our drink special that night was (of course) Zombie shots, with a splash of Bailey's for extra chunky encephalivore goodness.

The show got a very nice (and long -- more than a full page!) write-up in The Weekly. Based on that, we've had a few people calling the club wanting to know when the next one is...

But enough about zombies, now let's talk about bloodsucking parasites. We just renewed our liability insurance, and it's gone up again by like $4,000: it's now $50,000 a year! When we opened in 2001, we were paying $21,000/year. We've never filed a claim, but it doubled almost immediately after those Great White pigfuckers went and blew themselves up.

The wonderful new kink this time around is that now the insurance companies are offering "terrorism insurance" for an additional charge. You can connect the dots on what that means, right? It means that if you file a claim, and the insurance company decides that, if they squint just right, it looks like "terrorism", then they don't have to pay. And as we all know, here in These Uncertain Times, absolutely everything is considered terrorism. What do you want to bet that they'd consider someone getting maced to be terrorism? After all, it's a chemical weapon.

But enough about bloodsucking parasites, let's talk about the music industry. The other day a bunch of us went to see The Pixies up at UC Davis. (It was a great show, but lousy sound quality, being as it was in what was essentially a gymnasium.) But anyway, I mention this because of a cool thing that they were doing: they were selling CDs of that night's performance, and they were available for pick-up not more than 20 minutes after the show ended! They said they sold 1,000 discs (and it was a two disc set.) It's a nice quality package, too: the disc face was printed, and the jewel case looked totally professional. It sounded better than the mix in the room did, too. DiscLive are the folks who were responsible.

There was also an article recently about a company called eMusic Live who are trying to do a similar thing, but instead of printing CDs, they have kiosks that download an MP3 of the show onto a USB memory stick (which they'll also sell to you if you don't have one already.)

Cool stuff.

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  1. technotronic says:

    Some of those zombie photos are *really* good. Who was taking them and what were they using? My favorite is 048. The rockabilly zombie!

    • rzr_grl says:

      That was me, thanks!

      I'm not sure what you're asking when you ask what I was using, so I'll tell you all of it.

      Two Multiblitz monolight strobes, one direct, one gelled into an umbrella. Set up my 550EX as a backlight propped in some cables above coatcheck, this was at manual +1 and also gelled. Was shooting with Canon 10D (love that camera!), 28-80mm f/4.0.

      • ronbar says:

        342: I worship at the altar of gams.
        69 and 71: I have a soft spot in my heart for mad scientists, especially ones who can obtain fluorescent bottles and dyes and can strike a badass pose. Dr. Clayton Forrester would be proud.

    • ronbar says:

      He looks more like a vampire, with the fangs. Maybe he's a zombie vampire? Except vampires are immortal and don't die, so they can't die and then become undead.

      If he had a stake through his heart, it would clear the issue right up. He'd be undead undead.

      • Hi, that was me!

        The concept was "Vampire Elvis" (hence the Shure 55 microphone prop, a classic mic that Elvis used quite a lot in the 50's (driving up eBay prices today, dammit)). Of course, I didn't feel like shaving the facial hair off, so it was a bit of a stretch. I guess I was just too lazy for the full on zombie makeup job :) (and I like the fangs).

        It was also suggested that I looked a lot like the Paul Reubens character from Buffy The Vampire Slayer, so I had a lot of fun acting out his death scene. Next time I'll come with a wooden stake for that!

  2. codenazi says:

    After spending 3 hours putting nails on my head for my pinhead costume, I still didn't get my picture onto the DNA Lounge archive!

    Hmmm... maybe I should have noticed the picture studio on the 2nd floor... *goes and bangs head against wall*

    I guess I'll just have to do it next time. Now if I could just figure out a good way to spirit gum the nails to my face, too...

  3. vincel says:

    Talk about déjà vu. The one & only time I saw The Pixies live, it was at the old Gloucester Leisure Centre. Great show, but absolutely fucking appalling acoustics.

  4. luminalflux says:

    Neubauten did that too when they were here, although they just set up a pair of mic's at the FoH mixer and left it at that.

  5. asan102 says:

    That drink looks deliciously disgusting.

  6. lherrera says:

    But enough about bloodsucking parasites, let's talk about the music industry.

    Heh, heh, heh, that phrase cracked me out.

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