17-Mar-2004 (Wed) Wherein you go "wow, look at all those keys."

Photos are up of Exodus + Hail Satan, and Flavor.

We recently added two new shows to the calendar:

We're thinking that the preparations we had to make for the Incredibly Strange Wrestling shows will be a dry run for GWAR. But GWAR is a lot more wet.

Casey has started on a new art project, pictured to the right, to go along with the Wall Of Lost License Shame (which is growing quite nicely, thank you.)

What she's holding is, I think, 1/3rd of the keys that we've found here in the last year or so.

The collected stack of abandoned cell phones was pretty impressive, too. Those got donated to a women's shelter.

6 Responses:

  1. disconscious says:

    Do you hate me? I need to know because I am making a list of people who hate me. Thanks.

    Don't use the fact you don't know me as an excuse for not hating me.

  2. solarbird says:

    Wow, look at all those keys!

  3. sachmet says:

    What's the one license in the Wall of Shame for that's whited out?

  4. nzchrisb says:

    wow, look at all those keys.

  5. dinoneil says:

    <snip> Reg was having difficulty in finding the key from a collection which looked like something that a fit Ninja warrior could hurl through the trunk of a tree.</snip>

    Thus was my initial thought upon seeing that pic. Sometimes it's handy to possess such a popcult wired brain. Life of the party and all that rot.